Monday, October 3, 2022

BCPYL condemns child molesting

The Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCP YL) condemns in the strongest possible terms, the apparent abuse of the vulnerable groups of our populace, women, girls and children to be precise, which are seemingly perpetuated by some BDP leaders and activists

A release from the BCPYL says Former Assistant Minister of Health Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri made headlines few years ago, on allegations of marriage wrecking. Member of Parliament for Takatokwane Ngaka Ngaka, was at it also, with extra marital affairs and habitual violence extended to his wife, former Minister and current Chairman of Vision 2036 task team Neo Moroka, shot dead an innocent soul after mistaking him for a dog.

At the centre of all these is a “peadophile” come councilor for Sebina Ward, who is in a mission to molest all the young girls in the village. It is deadly to have a criminal leader, who should be the custodian of the community. It is tantamount to locking a hyena with goats in a kraal. Our children are in danger. Left in the hands of Kemmonye Amon and crew, the future of our country is in jeopardy” BCPYL says in a release. The Assistant Minister of Education and Skill Development Fidelis Molao, is implicated in the Sebina fracas. With him being the custodian of our children`s future and welfare, such insinuations are disturbing. Whilst it may be that his innocence be presumed until a competent court finds him guilty either on any charge laid against his person or as an accomplice to Kemmonye Amon, we argue that by their very nature, allegations of defilement, child molestation and implications of cold blood assassination are extremely sensitive, and on this note, call on President Khama to relieve him of Ministerial duties pending his clearance. Media snapshots circulating spills a can of worms, whilst it is purported to be one fat cyber fracture, it stimulates one to think aloud. Is the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) independent? How many criminals are loitering the streets, free due to deliberate obstruction of Justice by powers that be? Are our Journalists principled that they can decline hands greasing, are they free from coercion from powerful people? How many young girls have been abused, coerced into backstreet abortions, given money to seat on issues? How many have we lost on cold blood assassinations? 

BCP YL views the current status quo, where all the oversight bodies report to the executive, to be undemocratic, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt. There is evident allegiance to the executive, lack of independence in decision making and result in complacency and abuse of power. It is on these accounts that BCP YL call for sucking of Kemmonye Amon and dropping of Assistant Minister Fidelis Molao in cabinet, until their innocence is proven. We hope for a change, President Lt Gen Dr Khama will do what is only right. We also call on the human rights organizations, media and vulnerable groups’ advocacy platforms, to join the BCP YL in seeking justice for our poor girls in Sebina


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