Saturday, July 13, 2024

BDF Commander proposes ‘National Heroes Day’┬á

The Botswana Defence Force Commander says the celebration of fallen heroes should not only be confined to Botswana Defence Force members who died on duty.

To that effect’ the commander has proposed that there be a National Heroes Day to recognise to honour those who fought for peace and security of their country such as chiefs.

Lieutenant General Gaolathe Galebotswe made the suggestion at an event to mark commemoration of 15 BDF soldiers who died at Lesoma after they were ambushed by the army of the then racist Rhodesia.

They were killed in 1978.

The BDF Commander said there are many Batswana whose contribution towards defence of their country remained unrecognised.
They include among others chiefs and World War II veterans, he said.

Meanwhile the BDF has not made any commitment to send soldiers to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

BDF Director of Protocol, Colonel Tebo Dikole, stated that so far no decision has been made to that effect.


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