Thursday, January 21, 2021

BDF commence annual Inter Formation

Last week, Botswana Defence Force kick started their annual inter club swimming competitions at the UB swimming pool.

Participating formations included all the nine BDF formations, One Seven Armour who were last year’s overall winners, Combat and Signals Grouping, Headquarters, No 2 Brigade, First Brigade, 11 Artillery, Air Amour, Air Defence Artillery and Amour.

The tournament which will run until this week started with a 1, 5 and 400 meters freestyle race. The 1, 5 race was won by the defending Champion, Lance Corporal Maitshoko, of one Seven Amour, clocking 30 minutes 20 seconds. Lance corporal Moeng and Lieutenant Cliff Manyoni came second and third, respectively.

In the 400 meters race Corporal Mohembo of Combat and signals, came first with a time of 7 minutes 24 seconds. At the time of going to press, other events were to follow. The 50m free Style was completed yesterday, while yesterday the Masters competition, in which only swimmers above the age of 41 participated, was staged.

Tomorrow will be the water polo Toss with team A taking on Team B in the first game, C and D in game 2, E and F in game 3, and G and H in game 4. On Tuesday winners between game 1 and winner in game 2 will clash while winners from game 3 and 4 will sweat it out.

Water polo, which is a water ball sport that is played by seven players from each team, with to goal posts and goal keepers, was last year won by one Seven Armor.

Tournament Organiser and BDF sports coordinator Major Mothibedi Galeboe revealed that they were using the competitions to test the level of competitiveness of their athletes. He said the tourney is also used to scout swimmers for the BDF Dolphins.

Galeboe urged the government to build swimming pools around the country as there is evidence that people countrywide are interested in the sport. He also encouraged civilians to form clubs even against the backdrop of lack of infrastructure saying if it is to come they should always be ready. To date there has only been one athlete who has represented the country. Ookeditse Malesu, the BDF sports general manager, also said through the tournament they are looking to improve the level of swimming in the country and produce athletes who will compete at both national and international level.
The awarding of prizes will take place on Tuesday at 15:00 hours.


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