Thursday, July 7, 2022

BDP introduces funeral scheme

Seven months before the October general election, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has upped its campaign by introducing a funeral scheme that is targeted at members of the public who have not joined Insurance schemes. The scheme is underwritten by Botswana Life Insurance Holdings Limited, one of the biggest insurance companies in country. It is administered by Sureway Insurance Brokers. In an interview with The Sunday Standard, BDP secretary general, Mpho Balopi said that the scheme is targeted at general members of the public.

He said the BDP by virtue of being in government is responsible for the welfare of Batswana and therefore must come up with initiatives that can uplift the people’s livelihoods. He said the party has realized that more often than not families struggle to give their loved ones dignified burials because of lack of money. Balopi said the scheme will also be used as a membership drive as it has many benefits that are not available in other insurance schemes. The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) information and publicity secretary, Taolo Lucas dismissed the BDP funeral scheme as a vote catching ploy. “It is a vote catching ploy.

We are not worried by such. It is not genuine,” he said. He said the scheme may help members but it is immoral to help them in an election year. Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) secretary general, Gomolemo Motswaledi said his party members were discerning as they know when they are being drawn for purposes of votes. “They will enjoy the service and be grateful for it, which may be a genuine intervention only coming at this time as sheer coincidence with elections, but will have the presence of mind to make the right decisions by voting for good life uplifting programmes of the UDC and its very able leaders countrywide.”

Asked how the UDC is prepared to counter the BDP funeral scheme, Motswaledi said “The UDC is committed to demonstrating that they are a true alternative through promises on a better education that ensure that our children are better able to carry the burden of transformation in the world economies today thus put Botswana of vantage stances; the UDC will restructure the economy so that it churns meaningful jobs; the UDC will decentralize our government system and its services strategy to get the best out of our people and ensure that they become a resource to their own upliftment as opposed to being slaves of pet programs aimed at lulling them into believing they are being cared for while they are being sustained in poverty and sustaining a ruling elite clique of family and friends in obscene riches.”


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