Thursday, September 24, 2020

BDP is under Jezebelic control

I’ve been triggered to write this article by a vexed question posed by the Sunday Standard Deputy Editor, Spencer Mogapi, who loudly wondered in his popular Column (16-22 August) the Watch Dog, “Just who is in control of the BDP these days?”

May the highly esteemed readers be informed that the significant answer I’m about to proffer isn’t only meant for Mogapi or the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), but the entire nation. And if people who are thoroughly conversant with the implications of the BDP’s Jezebelic emasculation don’t act decisively and urgently, the marauding spirit of Jezebel may not only frustrate and hobble the BDP, it may ultimately render national institutions impotent and turn Botswana into a tragedy like what has sadly transpired in other Africa nations.

Be that it as it may, the reader should read between the lines and not hastily blame individual leaders in the BDP for the Jezebel power. The BDP is just a microcosm of society. Besides, its leaders didn’t consciously choose to succumb to this power. In fact, those who’ve been captured by this spirit genuinely think they are just fine.

They are oblivious to the fact the Jezebel spirit is adversely controlling and directing their political behaviour and derailing them from the truth. By the way, Batswana are partly responsible for this situation because they have volitionally elected them into their positions of authority, and gave them the impression that they’re dependable and indispensable.

By the Jezebel spirit I’m referring to one of the most sophisticated, powerful and lethal demonic spirits. It doesn’t only inflict harm on individuals or families. It also attacks and paralyses organisations, regions, governments and nations. This spirit is effectively used by the principalities and powers in the kingdom of darkness to torment people and block nations’ destinies.

Before it attacks a polity, it is mysteriously dropped in the minds of spiritually fragile leaders and their networks. Once this diabolical spirit firmly establishes its stronghold on politicians and other leaders, suddenly their rational reasoning process starts to falter and deteriorate. It doesn’t matter what information, advice or resources they have; their thoughts, decisions and actions become strangely distorted (John Jackson:2001). Even simple challenges baffle them, and they react haphazardly in a bizarre and counterproductive fashion.

Be informed that the supreme purpose of the Jezebel demon is to serve Satan by emasculating and overthrowing leaders and political formations so that God’s children may have a bad government and suffer a great deal.

At this juncture I expect the reader to understand why earlier this year I warned that the spirit of massive confusion and disunity that is still persecuting the Botswana National Front (BNF) would ultimately wreak havoc in the ruling BDP. Honestly, I expected some wise and knowledgeable people to act responsibly and save the BDP and the nation.

Please, I shouldn’t be misconstrued to be saying God wants the BDP to be kept in power. My point is that a volcanic eruption in the BDP has the potential to bring down Botswana to its knees. And you should understand that contrary to the automatic expectation that the strife in the BDP will naturally give the opposition a political mileage, the cancerous confusion unleashed by the Jezebelic power may produce a complicated situation that may dangerously erode our established democratic culture.

If you remember, I simultaneously warned that even the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) should vigilantly guard against the infiltration of harmful spiritual intruders. I sounded this warning to the BCP precisely because of the contagiousness of the spirit of Jezebel. Jackson (P12-13) amplifies this truth: “It is a demonic power in the heavenly realm that transcends specific geographical boundaries and can affect nations. Whatever region this power enters, it conjoins and collaborates with the ruling principalities of that territory”.

Because of the ongoing burgeoning “unholy contact”, allow me to emphasise that unless the BCP high command intelligently enforces a process of “spiritual containment”, this party may also come under the underlying Jezebelic influence. This is so because even though the BCP is relatively stable, its spiritually insensitive functionaries are operating within a spiritually contaminated institutional environment. Some of them unknowingly host or reach out to the “purveyors” of the spirit of Jezebel.

Let me emphasise that in terms of the complex dynamics in the spiritual realm, the BDP is abnormally sick. Its current political imbroglios cannot be easily resolved politically, financially or legally. Even if the party could triumph over its adversaries in the next general elections, as long as it is inextricably trapped in the Jezebelic pollution, it will not experience genuine political breakthroughs. This is so because the party is undergoing the worst political apostasy. Apostasy in this context means that because of the Jezebelic inflictions, some mentally confused party leaders are flagrantly rebelling against true, tested and trusted values, doctrines and practices that have safely brought the party and the nation where they are.

The BDP’s problem is not that its leaders don’t feel or know the truth. The major problem is that they want to imprudently trample on it, incinerate it, and virulently bury it deep below the ground. When others try to project and protect the truth, those who apply the Jezebelic power resort to deception, defilement and destruction to amputate, annihilate and discard the valuable truth.

To all intents and purposes, the dominant Jezebelic curse has made permanent a situation of mutual mistrust and sibling acrimony in the BDP. This is so because its people are only superficially united in terms of party membership, but they are not united in spirit. This problem has caused even some party leaders and operatives who used to be intelligent and wise to lose a sense of purpose, responsibility and accountability.

They’re dangerously preoccupied with futile power mongering. Everybody is scared stiff as they think they’re about to lose their power. Some have enormous power, but the Jezebel demon deceivingly tells them to strive for more power by hook or crook, so that they may completely subdue and dominate others. This seductive power deludes them into thinking they’re effective, but they’re not producing a radical or transformational impact on the lives of the “kicked out” majority.


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