Sunday, April 21, 2024

BDP on a political earthquake?

Dear Editor

Yes, it is not a secret that Botswana Democratic Party is experiencing one of the worst internal fall-outs ever, sad to say though that while this is the norm with the opposition, business is not as usual ko BDP. We have seen it happen here in some opposition parties even outside our borders.

What is happening in the B.D.P now has created a lot of excitement from the opposition with a lot of false ambitions that they will take over from the ruling party. I wish people would understand that a car needs engine overhaul after all to run more efficiently again for a longer period. The world economy needs to experience the economic crunch to re-structure itself and a human being has to go for a thorough medical check-up to leave healthier and longer, these being just but a few examples.

A few B.D.P youth loyalist members I spoke to who are disgruntled, disappointed and discouraged with the two factions, seem unable to hide their anger and displeasure at whatever each faction is fighting for. Some even vow not to cast their votes.

If we were at church I would encourage them to hold on tight and wait upon the Lord until he returns to save the righteous. Now in this political turmoil that we are experiencing, I can only say B.D.P is bigger than any individual and/or any faction, so cast your vote to prove it and trust in your fail-proof leadership that will soon overcome this turbulence. After all not all of us can be at the helm.

After the Kanye July ‘09 congress, the B.D.P will remain bigger, stronger and more united than ever before. “Believe it or not!” Whoever will win, be assured that we will vote you in as loyal B.D.P members. Some of us who do not believe in factions are seen as weaklings, almost every week we are in and out to launch and support B.D.P’s candidates, not because we are aligned to any “so called” faction.

This party was not formed by accident but by our very prudent elders whose sole intention was to take this country to higher level – a land of peace, unity, prosperity and opportunity for everyone. This generation should embrace this vision for the big party. I believe this party is mature enough to handle such huddles, adopt change with such professionalism and be sensible enough to retain its ground before it looses its youth, who lest care about self-centered individual factions, lest they venture to other parties or break up the party. A E JEKE DOMI!



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