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BDP responds to Watchdog

The Editor

I refer to the article in The Sunday Standard, Watch Dog Opinion section, of 20th January, 2008, by Spencer Mogapi. Perhaps before I respond, I should take this opportunity to greet members of the BDP all over the country.

I should reassure you that the Party, DOMKRAG, is alive and well, in spite of all the nonsense you have been tormented with lately.

Now, back to Mr. Mogapi, I am rather perturbed that you are so possessed, well nigh consumed with so much disdain for the BDP that you just cannot help, even where you have no issue, to attempt to malign this great Party.

The BDP has continued for 40 years to run the affairs of this country successfully, even to be ├¼dazzling and mesmerizing├« not because of abuse of power, not because of money laundering; but because of a crop of leadership that has been wise and prudent and whose hallmark has been humility and, of course, the sound policies that we have pursued relentlessly. Something we have been told by the same naysayers of Mogapi’s ill that these policies were nonsensical. And now we can’t tell them when we disagree with their own policy views because Mogapi feels it is abuse of power.

When you stand on the other side of the argument with me, it becomes my job to tell you that your position does not make sense to me, indeed that it is silly. How can that ever be regarded as abuse of power? It is called debate. In fact, you hold a position with which I cannot say I disagree. Then I should say I agree and join you in that propagation. When I disagree with you, I do not smear you, nor ridicule you or belittle you. I simply tell you that I don’t. But, of course, in the theatre of politics, I am expected also to jab at you. If you are of Mogapi’s mindset that is abuse of power then don’t square up with me.

We are proud that over the last four decades, we have, with such breathtaking success, been able to remain the directors of the discourse, for we expect only to be dislodged in that position by a better policy package. There is no disgrace in that. I am not aware what insightful change has occurred in the workings of the BDP in the last two weeks.

And then there is reference to cheating. What cheating! Is it still current for anybody to suggest that the BDP has been winning elections over the years because they have been cheating? Is it not a tired argument? As Secretary General of the BDP I am not aware of any ├¼BDP elite├« that is worried about the Party’s conduct of its finances. I categorically deny that the BDP has dubious financial practices, let alone abuse of public/state resources and/or money laundering. For the record we want to categorically state that the BDP has never been funded by any public funds. Like all political parties here and elsewhere we receive donations from individuals, companies and other entities that are positively disposed towards us. This is not criminal.

Our Mr. Mogapi and those like him can suspect and look ahead with excitable anticipation but until they show us the beef all that remains is bitterness of the ever present unintelligible charlatans.

Finally, back to the BDP membership, Mogapi says that ìBDP divisions are good for the country and they should be harnessed so that they fester onî. It is clear Mr. Mogapi and his friends wish the BDP the worst ill. Whenever we hear from them we must remember who they are and what they wish upon us.

Jacob Dickie Nkate
Secretary General (BDP)


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