Thursday, April 25, 2024

BDP takes responsibility for Malema, Yune visa restrictions

Contrary to a recent statement on Radio Botswana by Home Affairs Minister Edwin Batshu denying that failed attempts by American Actor Rick Yune and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema  to acquire visas to enter Botswana was premeditated, Botswana Democratic Party Alec Seametso seemed to know more.

At a political rally in Maun over the weekend, Seametso told of how a decision was made that the two men should never set foot in this country, come rain or sunshine as they are an “unwanted pair”.

“I want this to sink on the minds of those who call themselves members and friends of the UDC that while the BDP is in power, that Chinese-American will never set foot here. This you must all know and learn to live with. Duma Boko is also a disgrace to this country. The BDP government sent him to study overseas, but instead he went there to recruit and connive with gangsters. This is totally unacceptable and so we want to make him see he erred,” he said.

The announcement by Seametso was seen by many as conflicting, as it did not match what was earlier said by Batshu, who had denied having acted on instructions or if the highest office was in any way involved on the matter.

Meanwhile president Khama also refuted claims that they (BDP) ever had a hit list in which some members of the opposition were targeted. He said the opposition is far from taking over as they have never been prepared to do so. “They are a frustrated bunch. How do we kill people when they are already dead? I have never heard of anyone being murdered twice, and so I take it that they want to make fun of themselves”, he said amid laughter.

He said the opposition should stop derailing people by giving them false information and telling them that the government has failed in its efforts to find alternative markets for Ngamiland farmers. He said Ngamiland people have also been told untruths that the hunting ban was a deliberate move by government so that those favored by the BDP may continue hunting.

“As much as I know, there is no such thing as preferred people. I represent all of you, and so you are equally important to me. What you are being told are just fabricated stories from irresponsible people. How do you expect such people to lead when they still act immaturely? We want all of you to benefit at the end of the day, so that tourists can continue to visit our country and enjoy the beauty of our country and its increased wildlife. Now take it from me, as I am the rightful authority”.

Khama also called on those who have not yet received compensation money following damages done by wild animals in their fields to route their concerns through his private secretary. He said he has been informed that people calling themselves the “concerned group” are planning to engage lawyers on the matter as there have been delays to assist them. His advice was that they should exercise a little patience, because engaging lawyers might be waste of money, as plans are underway to speed up the compensation exercise.

For his part, Khama’s brother, Minister of Environment Wildlife and Tourism Tshekedi Khama said Batawana should not be worried by accusations leveled at him that he did not follow right procedures regarding the takeover of Maun Educational Park by government. He said he thought he was doing the right thing by consulting the tribal leadership first, as he was yet to meet communities around here. However he said they have worked tirelessly with assistance from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, and that a certificate has already been obtained from the department of Surveys and Lands.


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