Monday, May 16, 2022

BDP threats of civil war serious – Motswaledi

As opposition parties pooled their forces together to support Botswana Congress Party’s Dr Habaudi Hubona in the Tonota North parliamentary by-election, the interim Chairman of the Botswana Movement for Democracy Gomolemo Motswaledi advised his opposition colleagues not to take President Ian Khama’s threats of a civil war lightly.

Motswaledi told the rally not to ignore such war talk because Khama is State President who is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

“The recent threats by President Ian Khama, Frank Ramsden’s threats against the media and, lately, Pelonomi Venson Moitoi’s sentiments, cannot be taken lightly. But we will not be derailed from our mission to dethrone BDP through fair elections,” he told the rally.

He added that Pelonomi Venson Moitoi’s sentiments that if the current opposition coalition was in other countries, those parties would have disappeared, clearly symbolizes war.

Motswaledi went further to mention that the coalition initiative of the opposition parties is posing a threat to the BDP, hence such sentiments. He said as opposition parties there is a continuous need for them to stand in solidarity for the good cause of the country.

He attacked the BDP, saying that the late Member of Parliament for Tonota North Constituency, Baledzi Gaolathe, was a very good man who would not even harm a fly, but ironically the BDP turned its back on him when he was in his last moments.

Motswaledi set guns blazing for President Ian Khama and the ruling party for corruption malpractices, citing the recent purchase of furniture worth P300 000 for Tourism minister Kitso Mokaila and a P45 000 fridge to the Minister of Defense and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse.
He also stated that the BDP governance has failed dismally, especially in uplifting the lives of Batswana in the last 44 years.

“I would want to plead with you to elect Dr Hubona into power as she is a capable woman who would also advocate for the empowerment of women,” he said.

He took a swipe at Khama again saying that when he assumed power in April 2008, he mentioned in his state of the nation address that he wants to empower women, an initiative he later abandoned.

Motswaledi also added that recently, Khama replaced the Director of Department of Public Prosecution (DPP), Leatile Dambe, with a male. He gave another example of the replacement of Dorcas Makgatho Malesu with Jacob Nkate at the Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority.
“These are challenging and hard times indeed, and opposition coalition in this moment is of greater importance for the good course of the country.”

Motswaledi reiterated that BMD will give its full support to Dr Hubona and urged all the opposition parties to help in the house to house campaigns.

Hubona and the BDP youthful candidate, Fidelis Molao will be battling it out for the Tonota North Constituency on the 4th of September this year. The Tonota North constituency became vacant early this year after the passing away of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Baledzi Gaolathe.


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