Tuesday, March 5, 2024

BDP youths demand Minister to act on land issue

The Botswana Democratic Party youth wing summoned the Minister of Lands and Housing to meet some of the ruling party youth members on issues pertaining to land in a closed door meeting amid threats of petitions on land issues this week.

The BDP Youth Wing Chairman, Andy Boatile, disputed claims that the meeting was prompted by a petition to be delivered to the minister to allocate land to the youth.

Boatile stated that they requested the minister as the ruling party youth wing after it became evident that some of the ruling party members had raised concerns about land issues on social networks such as Facebook.

He could not rule out that the petition on land to the minister could also be discussed at the meeting but maintained that it was not the main issue to be discussed.

Though Boatile denied that the meeting will discuss issues surrounding the petition it became evident that the discussion on the petition were at the centre stage at the meeting.

The campaign that is aimed at getting over 50 thousands signatures over the allocation of plots to the youth in main centres such as towns became the main discussion in a closed meeting between the BDP youth hard supporters and the minister.

Though Boatile had earlier denied claims that the meeting was prompted by the impending petition, the meeting focused on the same subject. Some members at the meeting expressed fears that the petition could stir up the protest in the country which could possibly render the ruling party as a party that does not cater for the youth amid issues of youth unemployment in the country.

Boatile stated that as the ruling party youth wing they have forums where they can meet their leaders and discuss issues that are of paramount importance.

“This does not mean that it was our first time to call a minister in a closed-door meeting to discuss issues surrounding complaints among the youth. In the past few weeks, we called the Minister of Trade and Industry to come and address issues surrounding the youth who are in business,” said Boatile. “We are different from BCP and BNF youth who could publicly share their sentiments in any public forum. I, therefore, believe that these forums will also help many BDP youth who are not in government programmes. We have a forum where we can share with our ministers and parliamentary committees but it is not everybody who is catered for. The meeting availed an opportunity for those members of BDP who seem to be joining the bandwagon on issues that have been transpiring at the moment about land but I am sure that availing them that time with the minister they are now aware where we are heading.”

He added that, as BDP youth, they were against the publicising of problems that were currently taking place unlike other youth wings.

Mokalake was no available for comment on issues raised at the meeting.


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