Sunday, December 3, 2023

Be careful what you do around casinos because you are always on camera

A University of Botswana lecturer is being investigated for distributing pornographic video that he filmed at the entrance of Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino.

That video should never have been shot in the first place but somehow, today’s society has managed to turn other people’s misery into entertainment. A drunk female customer took off all her clothes in full view of the public and one account is that her husband had rendezvoused with a lover at the same hotel. Greatly distressed, she went to the public bar where eyewitnesses say she ordered glass after glass of wine which she later mixed with spirits as the night wore on. The concoction appears to be what disenabled her inhibitions and led her to take her clothes off.

A crowd of bemused and shocked onlookers formed around the woman. An eyewitness says that a little later, the UB lecturer came around in his car and stopped to film the spectacle. Hours later, that video had gone viral and prompted the interest of the police because it violated the Cyber Crime Act. From what Sunday Standardlearns, as the lecturer filmed the naked woman, karma was also hard at work. Multi-angle cameras are installed around the hotel, which houses Botswana’s first casino, and so, as the man filmed the woman, these cameras were also filming him. That is how the police got to him. Generally, it is never a good idea to engage in criminal or any sort of objectionable conduct around casinos (especially slots and tables) because you are on camera all the time.  

Beyond adding to the woman’s misery, the UB lecturer also put some onlookers that he caught on camera in a tight spot. With the video going viral, some of them have had to explain to their spouses the shameful conduct (anything from laughing to pointing fingers to naughtily peering too close) that they are seen exhibiting in the video.

The lecturer’s misdeed might also compromise his job security. UB’s Director of Public Affairs, Mhitshane Reetsang, says that the university has heard about the incident and will be monitoring developments around it.

“We will be monitoring the issue with keen interest because nobody who works for UB is supposed to do anything that brings the university’s name into disrepute. We expect UB staff to know the difference between right and wrong and disciplinary action is taken against culprits,” she says.

Investigations are still ongoing and whether or not UB takes disciplinary action against the lecturer will depend on the outcome of either the investigations or subsequent judicial process ÔÇô which itself depends on the former. Based this on this and another similar incident, it has been a pornographic May for certain individuals associated with UB. An intern who was only three days into his programme was literally caught with his pants down and with his member imprisoned in a female companion’s mouth in the Student Centre. The after-hours tryst happened in a room with one-way mirror windows which offer privacy during the day and the reverse of such effect at night if lights are switched on. A UB source says that being new to UB, the intern wasn’t aware of this reverse effect ÔÇô which ignorance ended up exposing him and his partner to passing students. The latter may also find themselves in hot soup because they also filmed and distributed this couple.


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