Thursday, April 25, 2024

Be careful when bringing Hollywood into your bedroom

The stuff we read in books and see on TV about romance is really fascinating.
Many men are admitting in various polls and surveys that the greatest turn on for them is seeing their partner pairing their lingerie with stilettos, or the crazy piercing on the belly button and other parts of the body.

Why the great emphasis on stilettos and what do they have to do with the bedroom, except that’s where you keep them?

A lot of these images of belly piercing, stilettos, red glossy lipstick, and lingerie have been super imposed by Hollywood movies and other television soap operas, like the extravagant The Bold and the Beautiful, with their gorgeous Brooke’s Line lingerie from Forrester Creations. I am made to understand that lingerie, those fluffy or lacey items hugging the woman’s body, should indeed be a great turn on.

But how is it that a pair of stilettos oozes sex appeal to a man?

I laughed a great deal some years ago when I read a feature article from a South African magazine on foreplay.
Stilettos were the talk in the particular article and it was just quite amusing when a couple gave an account of their experience.

The woman had her lingerie and the stilettos on, of course; it worked out great as the guy was indeed turned on! They got down and dirty there and then, with the man ripping the new lingerie apart making his way to the woman’s skin.

He decides he is the bigger of the two and lifts her up. Within the next few minutes, the woman hears the man screaming and she believes the trick really works; she was all that wonderful indeed.

He does not stop for the next minute and the screaming turns slowly into a painful groan as the man loses balance.
She stops to look what had happened and sees that while propelling and thrusting, her heel dug deep into her partner’s calf. It became even more hilarious when I learnt what stiletto means.

An online source says that the word ‘stiletto’ originates from the Italian ‘stiletto dagger’ ÔÇô a murderous, long slender blade. Taking into account the couple’s story, it would make sense if stiletto were considered “lethal” instead of a sex stimulant.

A fetish photographer, Ed Fox, was quoted as saying, “The attractions of the foot, like the rest of a woman’s body, are intriguing and a mystery. I really don’t know why.”

This could be the reason stilettos are such a craze. One could argue that stiletto shoes are the only item that could dare match the sexiness of a woman’s foot.

But what happened to anklets? I could swear that at some time someone believed they were the way to go.
However, a study also claims that wearing stiletto heels directly works the pleasure muscles linked to orgasms, as high heels tone women’s legs and strengthened pelvic muscles.

But just how many people succumb to the ideas that Hollywood uses during pornographic moments in films?
The idea of whipped cream all over someone’s body and you licking it to the last bit should really repulse you at some point, unless you and your partner go on a scrubbing spree before action.

And, think of it, whipped cream or chocolate in your bedroom, and on your sheets? The first thing that comes to mind should be, “Who is going to wash the sheets?” and later, “Do I want to wake up and change the bedding after this mess?”

A winning bet is that no one wants to wake up with chocolate fudge all over their face or at places unimaginable.
I, for one, would not like to wake up with the bedding stuck to my behind or my hair – a visit to the hair dresser sounds good, but not to wash off chocolate or whipped cream and try to explain how it got there.


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