Tuesday, July 5, 2022

BE The Peace!

Today, there’re close to forty military conflicts taking place world-wide, with some having gone on for decades. Yet in actual fact, many of us experience war at different levels of our lives every day. There are people being bullied at work and at school; and others who come from homes where conflict, active or passive, is the norm.

In my view, wars of every kind begin when we rightly identify what we want, but fail to stay focused on it. We assume that everyone should harbour desires identical to ours and when they don’t, we see them as threats to our happiness. Every war-mongerer is insecure, and has identified other people as having the power to obstruct them from what they want.

Yet in such a diverse world, no two people ever want the same things. We’re all created in God’s image and all of us, without exception, are here to express our Godly nature by creating something great, regardless of whether or not other people agree with us.

While we may do this in different ways, that yearning that we all have, to create or be more than we currently are is our soul reminding us that we’re not here to blend in with the crowd. We’re here to do magnificent things; and we’re perfectly equipped to achieve just that.

But many of us have forgotten, or choose to ignore, our inherent greatness. We feel bad when we see other people shine and try to blame them for our problems. In a nutshell, some of us are frequently negative because we haven’t quite accepted that we create our own reality.

When we experience negative emotions, it’s not because somebody did something to us, or because other people have the power to create something we don’t want in our lives. Nobody has the power to create in our place.

It’s because the thoughts we think run contrary to what our soul knows about our inherent power to create. In other words, when it comes to manifesting a magnificent reality, we can leave everybody else out of the equation.

Yet many of us frequently suffer from a ‘lack mentality.’ We feel we have to destroy each other because there isn’t enough to go around ÔÇô not enough oil or water, even power and respect. Some people squabble over resources and go to war over them, and yet there’s more than enough to go around. If we have the ability to desire it, God has the ability to give it to us.

If you’re tired of conflict in your own life, or want to contribute to global peace, here’re a few key principles to remember:

One – Don’t force or expect people to behave in a certain way before you can feel better, or have peace. Peace that is contingent on people behaving a certain way is conditional and cannot last.
Your own thoughts determine how you feel. Choose to see the positive, or to focus on what you want; and you’ll immediately feel better and start creating the outcomes you want.

Two – Don’t push against, or resist, what you don’t want, for what we focus our attention on grows! Have you noticed how the often gruesome deaths of so-called ‘evil dictators’ have not resulted in peace?

Other ‘dictators’ tend to spring up to take their place, because we give power to whatever energy we focus upon, positive or negative.

Three ÔÇô Know that every person, including those with whom you seriously differ, has a valid view-point. What’s more, their actions are motivated by the same thing that motivates you ÔÇô they want to be happy! Some of us just go about it the wrong way – we seek to control other people instead of controlling our point of attraction.

The only thing we can ever truly control is ourselves; and we have utter control of our own joy through the thoughts we think. We give far much power to other people as we even acknowledge how they make us feel.

This week, any time you find yourself in a funk and blaming other people for it, silently re-evaluate that. Without exception, you will find that the thoughts you think, about any situation, are the real cause for our unhappiness.

I’m not saying there’re no cruel people in the world. I’m saying focusing on what displeases you makes you feel bad draws even more cruelty into your life. What’s more, anytime we label other people as responsible for our unhappiness, we’re attempting to treat the symptom, not the cause.

The real cause of our unhappiness may be our insecurity, or morbid imaginings. That’s why it is often said that, if everyone just worked on finding inner peace, there would be world peace.

This week, start working on your own point of attraction. Determine not to go to war with anyone, but to attract positive things into your life, including by finding things to appreciate. Stay connected to your dreams. Focus on what you want.

When you practice feeling good, you’ll come into sync with the power of the Universe; and things will fall into place for you.

If we’re truly serious about ‘changing the world’ for the better, all any of us need ever do is to change ourselves for the better. We create global peace by creating personal peace, one person at a time.

Be the peace that you wish to see in the world. As soon as we have that critical mass of people willing to improve themselves by shifting the balance of their thoughts from the negative to the positive, there’ll be a tipping point that will finally allow us to see what powerful creators we really are.

Then, we will create world peace!

*Primrose Oteng is a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and the Founder of the Positive Peace Project, an organization dedicated to creating positive change through personal empowerment. For more information on how we can assist you or your company, please visit: www.positivepeaceproject.co.bw


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