Sunday, May 29, 2022

Beatenberg Band performs at BotswanaCraft

South African pop band Beatenberg were in town this past Friday for a show at Botswana Craft where they were to share the stage with local acts, MMP Family. Sunday Standard Lifestyle crashed their lunch on Friday afternoon to find out exactly what makes the trio of Field, Ross Dorkin, and Robin Brink tick. Our conversation unveiled a lot more about the band than we thought we knew. On a personal tip, we found out that their personalities are just as interesting as their music.

Every success story has its own humble beginnings and the story of Beatenberg is not any different. They went to school together and it was at the age 17 that they started to play around with music. “The three of us would get together and play around with instruments,” Robin says.

As their interest in music got stronger they eventually formed the group in 2008 after enrolling for college. Only Mathew and Ross studied music while Robin studied English. They released their first album but the reception wasn’t impressive. “It was only after working together with Dj Clock that we started to get nationwide recognition,” they say. Their collaboration with the House Music Dj was orchestrated by Universal Music.

“We didn’t even know he was going to include the song in his album,” they say. Soon after its release the song hit the number one spot on Metro FM and 5 FM, two of South Africa’s biggest radio stations. The rest just followed. They have been busy ever since; doing one show after another. The trio had never been to Botswana before. “We love it here. We love the people. When they are not on stage or in school Beatenburg spend their time off of doing the things that they enjoy most. “I enjoy playing tennis very much,” says Matthew Field. Interestingly for someone his age, Robin says loves listening to the late American jazz legend Miles Davies.

They also shared some of their experiences on stage and what they enjoy most during a performance; the response from the audience. “There is just something incredible about seeing people dancing to your music,” Robin says. As for advise they would like to give to young people, they said “You have to realise that it is more important to build a relationship with what you want to do and your goals rather than what other people want. And never give up or stop trying.” They list Miles Davies and Bobby McFaren as some of their inspirations.

“We found connection to the jazz touch in their music.” The worst thing to ever happen during one of their performances was a technical difficulty at an event, making the instruments out of tune, this was a memory they didn’t look too happy to remember but used it as a lesson for the future. We came to the conclusion that what makes Beatenberg so fantastic is our ability to cater for every market thinkable.


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