Saturday, March 2, 2024

Behind every great man is a woman

The saying that ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ bears a lot of truth for Botswana’s high flying athletics coach Justice Dipeba.

As the emotional Dipeba received recognition from the University of Botswana (UB) for the stellar work he is doing as a coach this past Monday, he thanked his wife and kids for the support they are giving him.

“I am getting emotional when I speak of the support I get from my wife and kids,” Dipeba said adding that “I could not do this without them.” For Dipeba’s long suffering wife Lenamile and his kids, the sacrifice they have had to make for his career and by extension Botswana has been huge.

As Lenamile attests, having your life led by your husband’s career isn’t easy ÔÇô but nor is marriage. Cracks appear in the most perfect of situations, nonetheless love surpasses all.

As a sportsman’s wife, Lenamile Dipeba has a world class athletics coach and two sons’ to take care of. Overwhelmed and proud of what her husband has become, she continues to be his pillar of strength.

Speaking to The Telegraph in an interview, Justice Dipeba’s wife said balancing between all those is a bit problematic but she has managed to survive all these years. She said “It all started when we were dating, he travelled a lot during those times, until we got married and had to learn to accept it all.”

Having a husband who is always on the road, from an athlete to a coach has made Dipeba to compromise. “I am a midwife nurse, at times our schedules clash but we have to make ends meet to balance between hectic work schedules and caring for our boys,” she added.

At times for Dipeba’s wife it is difficult being her, but she has always stood by her husband’s side. She said “I am happy of his achievements because he has been an athlete and coach for a long time, now he is being recognized and indeed his hard work has paid off.”

“The key is compromise and understanding each other, being there for the family then everything else is good,” she added.

Asked on the kid’s reaction to always having daddy on the road, Dipeba had this to say, “at first the boys would always cry, but they have grown now and understand that daddy has got to work hence they now support him in whatever he does. We normally sit down with them before he travels, explaining to them that daddy will be away for a certain period of time.”

“I remember one day when he had travelled, I had to drop kids at different schools before going to work myself, and it was a bit crazy but I managed nonetheless. I have a helper at home who is God sent, but we normally assist kids with their school work respectively,” she added.

She further added that she has got used to life of a sportsman’s wife and it is fun. “I have made peace with it all and it is fun, now and then I go out with my girls but still make time for family as well. My husband is supportive of it all, hence we fall in love with each other every single day,” she added.

She concluded by saying “My marriage may not be straight forward; it’s inconsistent, irregular and exhausting. But with those challenges come a rich tapestry of emotions, a mutual understanding, deep friendship and fierce trust, far stronger than when we married. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nor, no doubt, will my husband.”


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