Sunday, May 28, 2023

Berry Heart and Girl Power

When the British Pop band, Spice Girls came up with their Girl Power concept they had no idea that it would spiral into a worldwide phenomenon and still be used almost two decades later.

Botswana’s international poet, Berry Heart, is welcoming the New Year with a thrilling product ÔÇô an audio book ÔÇô also titled Girl Power.

Heart narrates the one hour sixteen minutes long exciting but unconventional book produced by BK Proctor.

A month after its launch at the Cresta Lodge, Berry Heart said she printed 500 copies and travelled with them to Namibia where they got finished within a day of her arrival at Windhoek.

This controversial poet’s ‘lecture’ is on the power of a girl ‘strums the truth into the world’s ears’ in such a rousing, captivating manner. It is outspoken and publicizes the power of women in relationships and marriages. It is, as she defines it ‘ego centric, yet siren and benevolent. It is territorial and eliminates everything that provokes it ‘

“If this book cannot drum this girl power facts into your physical ask your mother-in-law for a reality check. Girl power is the reason why wives fight with mothers and sisters-in-law because they have fear of their son or brother being prisoner of wives’ girl power, especially if he is the bread winner,” her voice expresses with power.

This perhaps explains why she ended up disengaging someone she had engaged for narrating it. The voice did not carry the necessary emotions the book conveys.

The characters include married and unmarried women, prostitutes, concubines, black and white, young and old, literate and illiterate. To authenticate her product she also features as a character.
The reason why women do not know the vast power they possess, she says, is because this is a patriarchal world where men make decisions and men are afraid to publicize the power of women.

Yet it is important that this power be known. For, if the phenomenon is applied prudently it can revolutionize the world by bringing it together. Women should stop looking at each other as competitors but as inspirations. This could see women ending infidelity by not helping men cheat on their wives.

Heart then turns to heap accolades on a certain Precious, whom she says never got 60 percent during school days but when they met after years, she is fashionably dressed, and has Range Rover car keys on her hands. In a powerful, enigmatic manner, she values Precious’ utilisation of Girl Power to obtain wealth from men-irrespective of their marital status. She pleads with the world not to call her names.

“The most wearisome fact about relationships is that you cannot have money, good looks, good sex and good everything in one basket. First, you prioritize then compromise.”

As powerful creatures, Heart observes, women rightly blame themselves for hardships in relationships. Major challenge is that during creation of male species God did not install communication system on the man’s brain.

In nurturing relationships, she explains that women become sexier and more sophisticated as they grow. She advises women to ensure they keep good weight lest younger women attract their partners who fail to communicate over weight and opt for cheating.

She then lists options to dumping a cheating partner. First, they should check their Gym Instructors, stylists and dieticians for weight monitoring. Then they should learn how to massage to relax their partners after long days of work ÔÇô men love it.

They should also pray, for prayer and meditation genuinely can work miracles. A little physical distance, though risky can bring back mystery to the relationship. And finally, one may try ‘Reverse Psychology’.

Here Girl Power targets his most critical attribute ÔÇô his ego. Here, Berry Heart is the main character. It once worked for her. She has a married best friend who threatens even her man.
Though it is rumoured that they f****, they have shared a bed several times but never did it. She realizes that her man and his wife were getting too close together.

“One morning at 3am I pretended to receive a call. I got dressed and drove out. By 730am I was back home in the kitchen and preparing my man and I breakfast. I opened our bedroom with my elbow, careful not to drop our breakfast on the bed table. Breakfast is ready babe.”

She says he allowed her to put it on the other side of the bed. Before she knows it, he was on top of her and they were smooching. From that time, she has acknowledged that all kisses are metaphors. He was harder than the previous encounter…

Thereafter he asked her where she had gone. When he tried to snap her for not confronting her on the issue, she reminded him that he recently went to help his ex with transport for material. He went to the ex girlfriend’s mother’s funeral without consulting her. Then, why her? Knowing she had sent her message home, she broke into tears. He comforted her and his visits to his ex girlfriend were history.

Women should also accept that it is over when they see partners cheating because the men species have no backbone to express themselves when it is over ÔÇô they act it, they should moderate stress level.

On distinguishing between men and boys, using girl power to get a real life partner Berry Heart outlines ten points. First is eye contact. Eyes have it all and say it all. A woman would maintain it if it makes the two of you. She is not that into you if she diverts her eyes, frowns or folds her arms. Women should know the difference between lustful eye contact and genuine one.

A man who gives and eye contact, breaks it from time to time and gets to you is interested. His eye contact is polite, inoffensive and confident.

Then, Girl Power closes with lessons on foreplays. It turns pornographic with instructions on touching, kissing, and licking of woman’s erogenous parts. This starts up from the mouth, down to the neck, down, down through curves, muscles, and others.

If life were lived through what Girl Power expresses, the world would be different. Deafening cries of violence against woman would subside. Gender activists would have some questions to answer. It clearly depicts reality that men are weaker sex and should not be pressurised by the society, as is the case today.


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