Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Berry Heart slated for Kritya Poetry Festival

Director of Kritya Poetry Festival, Chief Editor, and award-winning Poet of Four Books, Dr Rati Saxena has among the world’s leading poets selected Berry Heart to take part in an International Poetry Festival-Kritya 2014 to be held at Trivandrum, Kerala.
The ninth International Poetry Festival Kritya 2014 is scheduled to be held at Trivandrum, (Kerala) on 16, 17 and 18 November 2014.

It is themed ‘Enlightenment through Poetry and Arts-Enlightenment is an awakening ÔÇô waking up to a new awareness of oneself, of others, and of the entire universe’.

”You are an eminent poet of modern times, and our selection committee has recommended your name for our upcoming poetry festival. We will be much obliged if you could make it convenient to attend our festival,” the festival’s committee informed Berry Heart in their invitation letter.

Berry Heart has joined forces with her Art Director, Moratiwa Molema, whose brand name is Moratiwa. They have worked together since 2010 in several of her theatre productions including ‘Rebirth of an Ostrich’ where Berry Heart was the lead actress. They depart Botswana for India on November 14.

Moratiwa was born in Gaborone and grew up in Myanmar, Germany and Botswana, and holds a degree in Media Art from University of Hartford and her MFA in Film and Television from the University of Cape Town.

Her love for live performance has led her to merge her video and visual art background with dance, poetry, music and theatre. She directs, produces and designs multi-media productions that vary from commercial big shows to abstract performance art/ mixed-media installations for art galleries.

“Deep inside, we all have that spark of creativity which runs like a thread through us, binding us together. It becomes active in moments of deep meditation, stirring up intuition and opening up new perspectives. Those are the rare moments when the ego merges with the Higher Self. Art finds expression in those moments of creativity, enlightening oneself….”

This edition of Kritya Festival aims to explore this enlightening and uniting aspect of poetry and its sister arts.

At the request of the festival committee, Berry Heart sent 10 poems including her well known poems Child of my mother and Mmammoledi. The 10 poems will be translated into Hindi and Malayam.

In addition the poems will be included in the festival’s Poetry Anthology to be published during the week of the festival.

Furthermore Berry Heart and Dr Rati Saxena will work in a studio recording collaboration. Berry Heart and Dr Rati Saxena were among the 159 international poets who wrote a poetry anthology that called for peace in Hazara Afghanistan entitled, ‘A Poetry Anthology for The Hazara’ which was published January 2014.

“It is for the first time that we will be travelling together in such an international trip. I am looking forward to a good time,” Moratiwa told this publication.

Berry Heart finds it as growth of her talent. Because of its passion for culture, she has always loved India. This year therefore she will be the Berry she had always dreamt to be.

“Believe it or not, I am an international poet. My being invited to India for the whole week speaks loudly of this,” she said of the level of her talent.

Local sponsors are going to sponsor the trip and the duo will furnish more details in a press conference to be called before their departure.

Kritya is a trust, formally registered in January 2007 in Kerala, India with a view to advance and enrich art, literature and culture. Along with other literary activities, Kritya organizes an international poetry festival every year in different parts of India.


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