Sunday, May 29, 2022

Beyond education – UK opportunities

What happens after primary school has never been something that is debated, the natural progression has been to proceed to high school where one would decide the career path that they would like to follow and continue to university where a degree will substantiate your ask for a place on your chosen career path.

Education is commonly defined as “the action or process of teaching someone”. Another definition of education, “an enlightening experience”, is not often heard. Over time, people have chosen to go through alternative education routes, be it in-house training after high school or taking a gap year after high school. To further enhance this enlightening experience, the traditional or alternative education routes can be taken in different locations. This will not only ensure that you are educated but will offer a holistic experience that goes beyond formal education.

Under the auspices of British Council, Education UK helps international students find suitable UK courses and scholarships; it offers practical advice to help international students prepare for and enjoy their UK experience and shows international students what a UK education offers. Learning programmes that are offered will not necessarily be traditional; some of these learning programmes could take place through your current organisation, as an independent student, fresh from high school or as someone who would like to fast-track their career or even venture into a new industry.

Because education, whatever the format, is an investment, a cost is always involved. An organisation like Education UK is well-placed to advice the prospective student of financing opportunities to them through part-time jobs, scholarships from the education institutions themselves or private sponsors. Navigating the world of education can be daunting as it is, even more so as a foreigner in a different country. Information on what is required for study or exchange permits is easily accessible from advisory bodies like Education UK.

Education is by no means a definitive or exhaustive experience. Every day presents an opportunity to learning something; this could serve to enhance your employability skills or it could be something that could purely pique one’s interest. No matter the route of education chosen, it is undeniable that studying abroad broadens one’s perspective of the world as a global village; it positions one to be more of a global citizen and a change maker.


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