Monday, March 8, 2021

BFA blows nearly P200,000 in coach’s accommodation bills

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Vice-President, Finance Gabriel Ngele, has accused his secretariat of “sleeping on the job” following their failure to secure national team coach Peter Butler decent accommodation in the city as per the contractual agreement.

Since the Briton arrived in Botswana in February to take over as Zebras’ boss, he has been staying at the Gaborone Sun Hotel.
It was only in the past week that BFA managed to sign a lease for the new house for the coach and he moved out.

After lodging at the four-star hotel for 90 days, BFA are expected to part with close P200,000 as a settlement for accommodation and meals.

In responding to why the Englishman had to stay at the hotel for three months, Ngele said, “I think the problem lies with the secretariat because someone is not doing his job. Honestly this issue was getting into my nerves because it is uncalled for to take such a long time to get accommodation for the coach. We have lost a lot of money going towards the settlement of his bills.”

Ngele further said that as much as the executive can be blamed for the issue, the secretariat led by Chief Executive Officer, Keith Masters, were supposed to speed up. The BFA official said that it is important that they have the right people in the right places for the association to move forward.

“We have tried to clean the office and get people who will do the job but it seems that things are not working. It goes to show that the strategic and implementations are not at the same level. We need to have people at the secretariat who will avoid such costs,” added Ngele.

The issue of accomodating Butler at an expensive hotel for this long has shocked the football community since the BFA has been complaining that they are operating on a shoe-string budget.

Asked where they are going to get the funds to pay, Ngele replied, “since it was something which was beyond our control, we notified the mother-body (Botswana National Sports Council). We are expecting them to also help us in settling the bill.”

Ngele said the current situation has opened their eyes and they are exploring ideas to get town houses in Gaborone. He said having those houses, it will assist them where there a need.

Sources indicate that the issue of accommodating the coach at Gaborone Sun has divided the executive committee.

“These costs could have been avoided if we were in the same book. Unfortunately, some people who have more powers have opted not to listen and it is costing the association. A temporary accommodation could have been found for the coach,” said a source. The bill is expected to be high on the agenda when BFA for the general assembly in July.


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