Tuesday, October 4, 2022

BFA denies vote rigging allegations in Hukuntsi

Botswana Football Association (BFA) spokesperson Tumo Mpatane said the association is not aware of any vote rigging attempt by any of its employees.

This comes as allegations have cropped up that a certain BFA employee was complicit in the nomination of a certain Poloko Baumake for a position in the Hukuntsi Regional Football Association (HRFA) executive committee.

According to a source, the plot unravelled when a perplexed Baumake questioned why his name appeared on the list of those who had applied for a position in the HRFA regional committee.

“Unfortunately, it seems like when his name was entred into the list, he was not notified. As he was caught unawares, he then alerted the assembly and the issue was discussed,” the source revealed.

The matter was confirmed by Baumake, who said he had never applied for a position in the Hukuntsi RFA and was surprised to see his name appear on the list as a nominee for additional member position in the RFA committee.

“I do not even know who nominated me, who signed for it or even who seconded it for me to be a nominee,” said Baumake.

It is alleged that when the question was posted to the regional chairman Ketlogetswe Mokgolele on how Baumake was nominated, he pointed an accusing finger at the BFA official, who of recent had been a frequent visitor at the region.

“Mokgolele then said it was done in Gaborone and that Mr Phuthego had called him and asked him if Mr Poloko Baumake is active,” the source revealed.

When reached for comment, the BFA, through Mpatane, said none of its employees were involved in the electoral processes, save for the association Secretary General (Chief Executive Officer) who also serves as the secretary of the BFA electoral committee.

“To the best of our knowledge, there have been no foul play regarding the handling of nomination forms and whatever issues that may have occured would have been as a result of genuine mistake from all the affected parties,” Mpatane said.

On how the nominations were done and handled, the BFA spokesperson had this to say; “Regions were sending names/list of people who had been nominated to stand for elections in the respective regions.”

“All submitted names were put before the electoral committee to check for compliance and those that complied were duly given the green light to participate. To the best of our knowledge all the names that were submitted were checked by the committee in accordance with the criteria they had set,” Mpatane explained.

On how the mess at Hukuntsi RFA came to be, Mpatane said ‘the chairman called in to send a list of people who he said had submitted names to the region on closing date as he could not fax the application forms due to fax breakdown, promising to send the forms when the system was working.’

“On that basis the names were noted and registered as per information received. The reason lists were released prior to assemblies was to allow all involved to raise any issues such as omissions, misallocation of candidates, misplacement of submitted forms, etc,” he said.

The BFA PRO however did not state clarify whether the association received or demanded the Hukuntsi RFA to re-fax the application forms.


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