Sunday, June 16, 2024

BFA intervenes in Sankoyo crisis

Botswana Football Association (BFA) President Tebogo Sebego has expressed confidence that Sankoyo Bush Bucks has potential and will grow into a bigger and much better team. Addressing a press conference in Maun on Thursday, Sebego said BFA values Sankoyo Bush Bucks as it is one of the few teams which have managed to bring football closer to its people, especially since they got promoted to the Premier League.

Sebego, who was in the company of national team Coach Peter Butler had the previous night met with the business community so as to solicit support for the team. He stated that the transport and hospitality sector has benefited immensely as multitudes of people travel weekly to watch their teams play alongside Sankoyo Bush Bucks.

He expressed fear that should the team be relegated, most businesses would experience a slowdown in the flow of business and consequently shut down. Having observed the anguish experienced by supporters when the team was almost relegated last year, he said this is an indication that supporters want the best for their team. 

“As you may be aware, the team has been going through a very rough phase. Therefore my coming here is to build momentum and ramp up support as well as to strengthen relations between the team and the business community so that the latter may have their confidence on the team restored, and where possible confirm their efforts into getting the club into a commercial entity”, he said.

Sebego also said the meeting also gave him time to interact with the business fraternity in Maun who assured him that things will be well with the team, as it has also had a hand in the growth of local tourism. He encouraged players to make hay while the sun shines by being committed to whatever they do. He also added that BFA will never be afraid to pick talent where they see it, because they are currently in a position to call forward any player as long as they show brilliance in what they do. 

Sebego also applauded the team for selecting a new committee. “We believe our plea will be echoed in the right corridors. So we urge everybody concerned to make themselves useful to the team. Get me right, my coming here does not in any way mean I disregard other teams.  Let my coming here not be misinterpreted. I can do or say the same about other teams which find themselves in the same position. Mind you, I also make informed decisions. I don’t act under influence, duress or friendship. I am here because the leadership of Botswana football has high regard for this team”.


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