Tuesday, July 16, 2024

BFA yet to fill Motlogelwa’s position

Botswana Football Association (BFA) national executive committee is yet to find a replacement for former second vice president, Pelotshweu Marshlow Motlogelwa.

The former BFA second in command resigned last month after a fall out with the BFA leadership. 

There are those within the BFA who believe that the position should be voted for. Those who want to stand for the vacant position should show interest and be voted not to be recommended by anyone. There are fears that the division is likely to cause tensions between football people more so that the BFA elections always bring excitement and controversy.

Those who believe the position should be voted for want to do that in the next BFA general assembly to be staged sometime in August.

The BFA constitution article 38.8 says: “If the position of the president becomes vacant…… the first vice president, or in case the position of the first vice president is vacant as well, the second vice president shall deputise until the next general assembly. In case the position of the second vice president is vacant as well, the members of the NEC shall appoint one of its members to deputise the president until the next general assembly. This assembly shall elect a new president for the remaining term of the mandate.”

Motlogelwa resigned when allegations of misappropriation were ripe at the troubled football body. The accusations of mismanagement of funds led to the then BFA chief executive officer, Goabaone Taylor, being suspended and subsequently fired. There were those who believed that Motlogelwa as the VP responsible for finances should be held responsible for alleged missing funds which led him to relinquish his services to the BFA.

Talking to BFA CEO, Mfolo Mfolo said the BFA national Executive Committee is yet to appoint Motlogelwa’s successor. “The position is not yet filled; the NEC will decide. There is no time frame as to when the position should be filled. There is no time frame prescribed in the constitution. Let’s wait for the NEC,” said Mfolo.

He further explained that it does not mean in terms of seniority the VP two can ascend to the position, it will be decided by the NEC on whom they prefer.

Contrary to what Mfolo is saying there are those who don’t subscribe to Mfolo’s interpretation of the constitution.

“BFA leadership must announce to the election committee to prepare for the election for the coming assembly. Whoever is going to appointed in that position will be occupying the position on the acting capacity not as a substantive holder of the position. If the VP two wants to stand he has to first relinquish his position of VP two and two positions will be up for elections. Unlike in the past there will be nothing for the assembly to ratify,” the source said. 

In the old constitution after Segomalane Ramotlhwa was fired by the BFA leader, the BFA co-opted and the assembly ratified the BFA NEC decision. 

“The vacancy of the VP position is a blessing in disguise. It is going to set the tone for the 2024 BFA elective assembly. The outcome is likely to be a synopsis of who will emerge victorious in 2024 elections from either camp,” observed one football follower.

In the past there were three camps vying for BFA leadership positions, Friends of Football led by Tebogo Sebego, Football Ambassadors led by Ookeditse Malesu and Letshwiti camp. 


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