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BFA’s boss promises to open up in due course

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief executive officer, Keith Masters, who is currently embroiled in allegations of engaging in pornographic activities said he will open up and give his side of the story when “the right time comes.”

In a brief interview with The Telegraph, Masters said, “I am sorry I cannot comment due to the fact that my lawyer has advised me not to speak to the media.” He however gave an assurance that he would “open up when the right time comes.”

A confidential police report passed to The Telegraph titled TASHANGANA/CRIB SOUTH CENTRAL dated 26/01/15 states that on the 26th of January, 2015, three detectives from Broadhurst police station headed by Sergeant Marapo arrested “a British citizen male, Keith Thomas Masters, 69, and has been found in possession of pornographic or obscene materials at his office at BFA.”

The confidential report does not specify the exact number of women involved and their nationalities as well as where the sex video was taken. The report shows that the police also confiscated a laptop, memory stick as well as the CPU which contained photography or obscene materials.

The report further states that the video shows the accused having sexual intercourse with different women.
Materials also confiscated include nude pictures of women which is contrary to section 16{c} of the cyber crime and computer related crimes cap 08:06.

Police spokesman Assistant Police Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa refused to be drawn into the matter insisting the information about the suspect that they are questioning is not for public consumption. On the confidential report that was passed to this publication Mbulawa replied, “that is an internal matter therefore I cannot comment on something that was obtained illegally.”

Both Botswana National Sports Council and Botswana Football Association have expressed disappointment at the allegations levelled against Masters. Chairman of Botswana National Sports Council (BNYC) Solly Reikeletseng said the Council is disturbed by the allegations even though his Council has not been briefed about the allegations and whether they have an element of truth or not.

Reikeletseng said the Council will wait until it is officially informed by BFA so that “we can advise the minister of Sports, Culture and recreation accordingly.”

For his part, Acting President of BFA Marshlow Motlogelwa expressed concern that the “the allegations are disturbing.” He said the police have not yet communicated with the association and wondered if the allegations are true or not.

Motlogelwa stated that he is hopeful that when Masters returns from leave this week, he would sit down with him and clarify the issue before passing it to his superiors.

“I would not want to jump the gun and make any suggestions in the media on what action the BFA will take if it happens that the allegations are factual. Such allegations sometimes tarnish the image of the organisation and sometimes result in sponsorships being pulled out,” he said.

Masters was appointed the CEO sometime in 2013 to turn around the fortunes of the ailing association.


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