Tuesday, November 29, 2022

BHC committed to promoting noble causes, empower communities

The Botswana Housing Corporation is committed to supporting result- oriented causes with the housing agency on Saturday donating a fat cheque to the Kgalagadi District Community Capacity Enhancement and Empowerment Society (KDCCEES), an association aims to cushion the effects of social ills in the district.

Established in 2007 and a product of resident Sophia Esterhuizen, KDCCEES, among other objectives, attempts to generate conversations of possibility in the area of gender and HIV/AIDS and develop programmes encompassing prevention, care and support and treatment, management of the national response to the disease, psychological and economic impact mitigation provision of a strengthened legal and ethical environment.

With a ten-village member group, comprising Middlepits, Bokspits, Striusdam, Raplspan, Boravas, Khuis, Vaalhoek, Khawa, Gakhibana and Kolonkawneng, making the Kgalagadi South constituency, KDCCEES also attempts to reduce the rate of new infections in the broader community and, in particular, amongst the school going primary and secondary school pupils.

Besides providing economic empowerment and entrepreneurial skills, the society moves to facilitate skills.

“As part of our corporate responsibility initiatives, we saw the need to assist by donating towards this noble cause which we believe will go a long way in imparting knowledge and increasing awareness with regards to curbing the spread of HIV and AIDS,” BHC customer care manager, Tumo Kgatlwane, said, handing over P80, 000, intended to facilitate a three-day workshop aimed at increasing awareness among community leaders on issues around gender awareness, its relation to HIV and AIDS and to improve communication amongst parents and their school-going youths on topics such as sex education, study skills and HIV/AIDS.

“We also believe that by donating towards this cause, we are not only empowering the community but we are contributing towards the realization of the aspirations of Vision 2016, in particular the pillar of “a compassionate, just and caring nation” where one of the aspirations is to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in our country by 2016,” Kgatlwane said.

Aware that knowledge is power and that with it one is able to make informed decision, BHC recognized the important role KDCCEES could play in the lives of ordinary members of communities, hence this noble donation.

“We are glad of this financial contribution and promise you the best out of this commitment. We will keep you updated over this project,” pledged the elated Esterhuizen.


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