Wednesday, May 25, 2022

BHC in effort to restore vegetation around housing project

In an extra-ordinary and humble gesture, the Botswana Housing Corporation heightened the spirits of Gaphatshwa residents over the weekend, planting some trees in locations whose vegetation the institution destroyed while building accommodation for homeless Batswana.

Gaphatshwa is situated on the outskirts of Gaborone and its officials, in recent years, allocated a swathe of land to the housing agency to erect houses for Batswana, especially the homeless.

As the welcome development got underway, came the unintended destruction of vegetation and, to this end, Reginald Motswaiso, the BHC Chief Executive Officer, said that his institution was in full swing rectifying the situation by planting some indigenous trees in the destroyed locale.

“When the company came here to erect these houses, we destroyed the vegetation around and by so doing damaged the landscape and its natural beauty. But as we all know, these are uncontrollable developments whose resultant effects, although intended to serve the good cause, end up eventually portraying the company in bad light,” he said to the people who had braced the chilly showers to collect trees to plant at home.

Motswaiso said that his organization was spurred into action to pay back the environment it destroyed for a good cause of “building Botswana and accommodating Batswana”.

He added that the importance of the trees cannot be over-emphasized, insisting the air in the atmosphere that the animals and human beings breathe was a result of the major role played by the vegetation, which, he regretted, people continue to destroy with impunity.

“We should appreciate that some of these good developments that we engage in inherently walk in tandem with bad effects and as such try by all means to replace what has been damaged whenever possible. This world belongs to all of us and our future generations, thus we should strive to make it a better and safe place,” Motswaiso advised.

He emphasized environment conservation as “a paramount and fundamental practice for the Better Botswana and, indeed, the global world”.

In the first corporate social responsibility of its kind, the BHC intends to spread the initiative across the country although it would not abandon its noble gesture of providing social services such as providing funds for the needy organizations and providing accommodation for the impoverished.

“We have in the past provided for the needy and this time around the organization has found it fit to venture into environmental issues as is demonstrated by today’s activity. This, however, does not mean the institution has changed tactics for good but will keep its maxim of ploughing back into the community it operates businesses in,” Motswaiso noted.

Clad in white T-shirts, inscribed ‘Re-greening the environment’, the residents of Gaphatshwa had a chance to take part in tree planting demonstrations in three plots that had been selected.
Motswaiso encouraged the residents to take the initiative seriously and care for these plants.
He had, earlier, complained of government’s propensity to destroy indigenous vegetation, later replacing them with exotic plants.

The area councilor, Kabelo Blessing Mokgalajwe, was elated to learn that the plants given to his constituents were of local origin, able to adapt to the country’s prevailing environment conditions.


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