Thursday, June 13, 2024

BHC looks to accommodate Northern mining boom

The Botswana Housing Corporation is looking to provide more accommodation in Francistown to cater for the demand exacerbated by the mining boom in the city and its surrounding areas.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by the BHC to mark the official opening of the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair, which was celebrated under the theme Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Economic Diversification, the BHC Chief Executive Office, Reginald Motswaiso, said that envisaged developments in the city of Francistown, and the advent of mining in the city and its surrounding areas had compelled then to strive to accommodate the resultant accelerating demand for housing.

Motswaiso said that there is a clarion call for those in the business community to evaluate themselves more and be innovative in the way they conduct business, such that they become globally competitive.

As a member of BOCCIM in good standing, and as part of their corporate social responsibility program, BHC found it fitting to host the dinner that marked the official opening of the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair.

Motswaiso said that the occasion does not only provide an opportunity for exhibitors to interact and discuss in an informal and relaxed atmosphere but also provides BHC with a platform to disseminate information about their products and services.

“BOCCIM has been in existence for the past 13 years and it has provided the business community, especially those in the north, with an opportunity to market their products and services,” he said.

The BOCCIM trade fair has become a permanent feature on the Northern business calendar and has over the years provided new avenues for establishing business partners and facilitating networking between budding and established entrepreneurs.

88 institutions had booked for space at the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair, and Motswaiso challenged the corporation‘s management to put measures in place to sell and entice potential exhibitors to participate.

Motswaiso also challenged the exhibitors to always strive to improve the trade fair through various initiatives so that it becomes more attractive and draws more participants and spectators.

In the era of information technology and globalization, all the exhibitors were urged to embrace new technologies such that they become globally competitive.

The event was also an opportunity for the BHC to establish partnerships and tap on existing and potential clients in the housing sector.

Though there is a dire shortage of land in Francistown and the north east district, BHC will establish partnerships to be able to cater for the advent of development in Francistown and surrounding areas, especially in the mining industry to map out ways in which there can be mutual beneficiation.

“In pursuing these strategies we would surely be in line with the ideals of the national blueprint Vision 2016, particularly the pillar of creating a prosperous, productive and innovative nation,” said Motswaiso.

The innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable economic diversification theme is a clarion call for the BHCV to seek ways to provide more accommodation and diversify for long term purposes
BHC has an opportunity to establish business partnerships especially in Francistown such that there can be provision of accommodation to cater for the envisaged accommodation demand perpetrated by the mining boom in the city.

” We therefore need to partner with all the stakeholders, including the mining houses, the finance houses, other relevant private and public sectors, government and public authorities, to map out ways in which we can all benefit at the end of the day,” said Motswaiso.


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