Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BIAC celebrates 29th and last graduation ceremony

The Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce on Friday celebrated its 29th and last graduation ceremony under the theme, “Developing capacity for an efficient public service” at the BDF auditorium.

The principal of BIAC, Liverson Mdongo said that as a well established institution, they have a legacy shown by the footprint they have impressed across the government.

“I struggle to find any major institution in this country without a BIAC graduate at the front desk, as a secretary, in logistics or elsewhere in a significant role,” said Mdongo.
Mdongo urged the graduates to pursue two things, one of them being to turn their knowledge into skills by practicing what they learned and also choosing the right attitude towards their work, peers, superiors and environment.

“Your attitude can distinguish or extinguish you, luckily it is your choice,” he said, adding that qualification is only the launch pad for the success of one’s career.
Mdongo said this year’s theme resonates with their vision of being a best service provider for the public service in the arena of human capital development.

“We see ourselves increasingly as a critical log in the infrastructure that will enable our government to deliver on its mandate to create a better Botswana,” said Mdongo.

He said that they are transforming to a Botswana Public Service College which is strongly supported by a promise they have made to themselves.

“To us transformation is about defining new horizons for ourselves as an organization,” he said, further explaining how they had developed their programmes, placing the needs of their programmes first.

Few of them are repackaging training programs to make them more relevant, practical, action packed and zesty for more interesting learning experiences. They have also activated their partnership with the Singapore Civil Service College who assist them in the area of capacity building.

The guest speaker at the ceremony, Director of Public Service Management, Pearl Matome, said that she was pleased to be a part of the celebration that marks the history of BIAC as being the last of its kind as it is undergoing a lot of structural changes in response to its stakeholders to fulfill its public service training mandate.

“The old academic type programmes have been phased out and replaced by the new performance based programmes due to the ever growing and fast changing demands of the Botswana public service,” said Matome.

She said that this was the most important phase of BIAC‘s life cycle as they are now positioning it to train for the realization of Vision 2016 key results areas.

“This is a challenge to all stakeholders and the government is endeavoring to take it by effecting administrative reforms to improve the performance of the economy,” said Matome.

She mentioned that there is need for government to have clear objectives and to define its priorities, which should include resource mobilization and human resource development and training that, hopefully, will lead to the fulfillment of the aspirations of their people Batswana.

She further said a lot of transformation is taking place in terms of training programme development, internal process reengineering, organizational restructuring to realize a dream of BIAC expected to become a provider of world class public service training.

“The new BIAC will thus play an active role in the public sector in terms of productivity improvement,” said Matome.
Matome congratulated the graduates and reminded them that Botswana needs their contribution to sustain the economy and create more wealth for future generations.

She thanked employers and stakeholders as it is one aspect through which BIAC have been making their programmes more hands on.

“I would also like to commend everybody present or in absentia who in one way or another made BIAC contribute over the years toward this country’s human capital man power requirements.
There were 241 graduates.


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