Tuesday, April 20, 2021

BIFM donates to junior underprivileged golfers

BIFM on Friday donated golf kits to the junior underprivileged golfers.

Handing over the donations to the Botswana Golf Union at BIFM offices, the chief executive officer Victor Senye said his company was disturbed by reports that young golfers across the country were faced with shortages of facilities resulting with the sport being underdeveloped.

He said the organisation believes that every sport should be developed from the grass roots with adequate facilities to motivate its smooth running.

“The golf kits that BIFM donates today are for the young junior underprivileged golfers across the country that are faced with inadequate facilities in their respective places. At present, these potential young golfers are hampered to progress because they do not access the facilities.

BIFM believes for the young golfers to come to Gaborone to access the same is too much an inconvenience and, as such, donates to Botswana Golf Union to distribute to the underprivileged across the country,” Senye said.

Senye told the audience that BIFM social corporate responsibility started several years ago and that it included, among others, assisting sports in general and educational activities.

“BIFM social corporate responsibility started several years back and since then the company never looked back. We are not sports orientated.

BIFM have, in the past, not only assisted other sports activities but has also sponsored in educational areas.
“We are proud to announce that BIFM have in the past sponsored the best University of Botswana students,” he said, adding that miles traveled starts with a single step.

The kits that BIFM donated included the putting matts and golf practice nets worth P20, 000.

The organisation also donated caps and T-shirts for the golf national team that is destined to play in Namibia.
Senye encouraged other companies to follow suit and donate some attire to the national team so that “our players would not be identified with multi coloured gears”.

Receiving the donations the elated Botswana Golf Union president Derrick Musa congratulated BIFM for the donations.

He said the same would reach young underprivileged potential golfers at primary and secondary who have been the union’s targets for a long time.
“Botswana Golf Union thanks BIFM for the long relationship that exists.

Today’s donations are a step in the right direction since the union believes golfers should be nurtured at an early age,” Musa said, adding that success was a journey that incorporates hard and comfortable times.


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