Saturday, February 24, 2024

Big Brother Africa 4 inmates visit Botswana

Quinn Sieber of South Africa and Jennifer Mussanhane of Mozabique, both from Big Brother House 4, on Friday came to Botswana for a welcome party hosted for fellow house mate Kaone Rmontshonmyane, popularly known as K1.

K 1 told The Sunday Standard that the duo’s visit was powered by the Department of Culture and Performing Arts.

“The department bought the housemates tickets, and Blue Line Boutique offered accommodation and transport. Other sponsors included Rodizio and O’Hagans who provided lunch, dinner and entertainment for the guests” he said.

According to K 1 the former housemates also visited cultural sites in Botswana, the objective of which was to equip them with knowledge of Botswana culture and the various ways used to preserve it. The two also had a chance to experience, first hand, K1‘s efforts and contributions to protect and preserve Botswana culture.

“They also learnt about K1’s love and passion for culture, and the expectation is that they will emulate my cultural preservation efforts and exercise them in their respective countries” said K1.

The duo arrived early Friday morning, where upon they visited SOS village in Tlokweng and spent some time with the children.

Quinn Sieber told The Sunday Standard at the SOS village that he was inspired by his love and passion for working with kids to visit the SOS village before proceeding to Kanye.

“Working with kids is always great, I have done it back home and also in our visit to Zambia last week” he said.

He further said that, apart from his support for fellow housemate K1, his visit was inspirited by his passion and willingness to learn more about Botswana culture.

“I need to learn more about Botswana culture, especially since we are neighbors who share similarities in our life experiences and our history” he said.

Quinn also said that he was humbled by the hospitality and graciousness that Botswana extended to them upon their arrival, adding that Botswana people are very welcoming and nice.

“We felt very welcome when we arrived here and I am so looking forward to coming back here for a much longer stay” he said.


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