Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Big Brother enthusiasts pick Namibia’s Dillish Edwards!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

If there was any one who had the slightest of a doubt in their mind that looks can take you places, it was all laid to rest on Sunday as the beautiful Dillish Edwards walked out of the Big Brother Africa :The Chase House US$300K richer. It appears, at least now, that the Namibian’s fate was sealed the moment Africa laid their eyes on her.

All she had to do was steer clear of all the romantic drama and hullabaloo that characterized the eighth season of Big Brother Africa. Whether or not her indifference to Nigerian Melvin’s advances had anything to do with her beau back at home or a well thought out strategy is neither here nor there; she got the most coveted prize.

Upon being announced the winner of this year’s installment, Dillish emerged on stage, face covered with tears of shock and jubilation, to be greeted by her four fellow finalists and her man, Steven, who crowned her with a tiara.

“Dillish, it’s official, you’re rich!” said Big Brother Africa host IK as fireworks and streamers signaled the end of 91 days of drama and intrigue.

Of the five finalists left in the house it was perhaps interesting that it was the West Africans Beverly, Elikem and Melvin who left the house first given the war of words that had been simmering on the social networks due to perceived favouritism of West Africans by the show’s organizers.
Zambia’s beautiful Cleo was, perhaps deservedly, one of the last two Housemates standing.

But before all the confetti and celebrations that ensued, it was truly a fitting end to perhaps the most intriguing, and certainly most romantic Big Brother Show to date. Host IK kicked off the show with a spectacular dance routine of his own flanked by his incredible team of dancers clad in tuxedos.

But it was Zambian Sulu who got everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. Sulu performed his ingenious ‘Ruby Ruby’ song which he composed specially for the show.

All the evicted housemates from throughout the season were on hand to wish the winner well, having been introduced to the crowd in pairs earlier in the evening. Throughout the two hour spectacle, viewers had been treated to inserts about the romances in the house, the housemates’ original auditions, and the introduction of the fake Emerald housemates and individual highlights of The Chase.

All the couples, including Oneal and his girlfriend Feza, looked happy to be reunited and only time will tell if relationships will survive.

Elikem looked set to have a well deserved romantic outing with his girlfriend, Zimbabwe’s Pokello after winning the ‘Most Romantic Gesture’ comprising a US$ 10 000 holiday package.

Three months of being glued to television screens twenty-four hours a day are finally over and if this year’s show is anything to go by, viewers can expect an incredible follow up from Biggie come 2014 but until then, 2013 is certainly Dillish’s moment and for those Housemates who found love, it was not all for nothing after all.


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