Thursday, July 7, 2022

Big Dawg Productions sets up office in Gaborone

Big Dawg Productions, an establishment set up by Thato ‘DJ Fresh’ Sikwane in South Africa, where he has built a career, has opened shop in Botswana. A move Fresh reckons was long overdue, since Botswana is home.

Under management by Fresh’s brother, Tshepo ‘Rox’ Sikwane, Big Dawg Productions Botswana will provide management solutions, that include coordinating bookings for its newly signed artists, Mr. O, a.k.a Owen Rampa, O’neil, DJ Sid, Zeus and Dj Ski.

Big Dawg Productions has a history of working with some of the top people in the entertainment industry since it was opened and registered in South Africa in 1997. They have managed bookings for Fresh himself, DJ Cleo, Durban’s Finest and Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP).

At a media conference held at Big Five Lodge in Mogoditshane, Mr O said that because DJing is fun, people assume he will render services for a measly payment or worse, for free.
“DJing requires dedication and is hard work.”
He reckons that the management solutions company would afford him the professionalism that he feels is needed in the industry

Big Dawg Production Botswana’s signees will also be releasing albums under the label, throughout the year. Last week saw the release of DJ Sid’s single that highlights the talents of local unknown producers.

“One of our focuses is putting Botswana’s talent out there,” Fresh said, because currently, Africa is supporting Africa. He also spoke of releasing material that has value added to discourage counterfeiting of their copyright.

DJ Ski vs Big Dawg, the album, was released in October last year and has been nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) in the category of Best urban dance album.

DJ Sid and DJ Ski, who are releasing material under Big Dawg Productions, also manage recording labels Forensic Records and Mud Hut Studios. When asked the reason for releasing material on a different label, DJ Sid said, “It is merely a collaboration which is standard in the industry. Everything is above board and in writing.”

While DJ Ski said, “It is an example to musicians from all genres of music including kwasa kwasa, to witness that for the industry to grow, players must put aside their egos and work together.”
He also challenged the younger artists to do likewise.


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