Friday, January 22, 2021

Big Dawg Productions throws a Christmas party for charity

Christmas festive season is upon us and so is that all too familiar spirit of giving which comes at this time of the year. Many individuals have caught that spirit of giving and many others are well deserving of receiving.

One such charity deserving of attention from the public is Matlo Go Sha Mabapi. It’s a charity formed in the interest of giving support to children who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and caters for children aged between 2 and 17 years old. Matlo Go Sha Mabapi operates as a community center and day care center from the Memorial Apolostic Church in Old Naledi, Gaborone. The charity provides children with two meals a day and also offers child care services.

Matlo Go Sha Mabapi was formed by Leabaneng Masedi in 2002 who was driven by a desire to provide for the youth.
“We found it appropriate to start a day care centre because usually when issues of HIV and AIDS come up, people tend to forget that children are involved,” says the kindhearted philanthropist of her charity.

The charity has grown to include 50 members from a mere 6 volunteers since its foundation in 2002. And more people and organizations are stepping up to the social responsibility of helping those in need.

Youth Alive Organization, headed by Bakang Sebele and Big Dawg Productions Botswana’ Managing Director Tshepo Sikwane, have taken Matlo Go Sha Mabapi under their wings and have dedicated themselves to assist in providing for the needs of this organization.

In celebration of Christmas and to give the children of Matlo Go Sha Mabapi something to smile about, Youth Alive Organization and Big Dawg Productions threw a special Christmas party for Matlo Go Sha Mabapi on December 5th, 2008 at the Memorial Apolostic Church in Old Naledi.

The Christmas party included food, drinks, music and live performances by Scar, Zeus, DJ Chotto and several other Big Dawg Production Botswana artists.


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