Sunday, July 3, 2022

BIHL introduces anonymous tip-off service

As part of Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Group initiative, the group has rolled out an anonymous tip-off service called Resebetse which is already utilized across the region by many companies.

BIHL Group Head Legal, Risk and Compliance, Tefo Setlhare, revealed that Resebetse service is also completely anonymous and guarantees complete identity protection for anyone that utilizes the service. Setlhare added that the service also works in reverse, in that a person reported to the service will not be directly identified. He said, however, a report is issued by Resebetse administrators and an internal investigation can be carried out the affected organization.

“We have observed that there is a lot of fraud in the world of insurance and finance and this initiative will enhance corporate governance for BIHL Group,” said Setlhare.

He pointed out that an added feature of Resebetse that makes it a stand out product is the fact that the whistle blower is kept fully appraised of events. He said that it is where the service demonstrates its name, since Resebetse means ‘whisper to us’ in Setswana.

“The service has been acquired and implemented as a way to reassure the BIHL Group’s partners, stakeholders and clients that the Group actively encourages corporate governance,” he said.

Setlhare further stated that the Group’s employees may also gain comfort from the fact that they can report any form of inappropriate behavior in the work place. He added that the clients, suppliers and shareholders can also report anonymously on any members of the organization not adhering to the Group’s corporate governance principles.

Setlhare also revealed that the service is administered from South Africa and is operational 365 days a year. He added that Resebetse receives any messages sent in a number of languages, including English and Setswana.

“None of the BIHL Group’s internal and external stakeholders will be excluded from the service for any reason,” said Setlhare.

He pointed out that the anonymous tip off service was established by Deloitte’s in 1999 and added that is already being utilized across the region by companies in different fields to ensure that they adhere to international standards.

BIHL Public Relations and Communications and Marketing Manager, Tebogo Keepetsoe, echoed Setlhare’s words and added that in the modern world of finance being a good corporate citizen is as good as an investment and is a priority for the BIHL Group.

Keepetsoe stated that the service is more than just an innovative deterrent but is also seen as a great way to promote a culture of honesty and integrity within the company.

She also observed that there are many reasons why people might choose to turn a blind eye to issues of fraud, bad ethics or non compliance within an organization.


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