Wednesday, October 4, 2023

BIHL Sports and Social Club walks for charity

In their continuing effort to support local schools, BIHL Sports and Social Club undertook a sponsored walk in order to raise money for the Tshwaragano Primary School library in Old Naledi. The walk took place on Saturday the 10th of August 2013, beginning from the Botswana Life offices in Kgale Mews, heading towards Block 8 circle, and then back. The walk further raised funds for the library supported by BIHL Trust.

Said BIHL Trust administrator, Mr. Tiro Modimoosi, “Last year, we identified education as an area we want to see greater focus on for 2012 and 2013. To that end, BIHL Trust, together with the Tlou, family started a Masters Scholarship in honour of former University of Botswana (UB) Vice Chancellor, the late professor Thomas Tlou. The scholarship is awarded yearly and is tenable at UB. To further support this drive for an increase in the development of educational platforms, we looked at other areas within the education sector in which a positive difference can be made, hence our involvement in the Adopt-a-School programme. We’re thrilled to continue to show support within our community in this way and to be able to support the children of Tshwaragano Primary School.”

The project was piloted at Mogobane Primary School and has seen positive reception, with a newly furnished library donated at a remote primary school in Cwaanyaneng, Borolong in May 2013. The Tshwaragano Primary School library will, with money raised from the sponsored walk, receive new books in an effort to make the library more beneficial for local children. The theme for the sponsored walk is “Open the Future,” encouraging participants to not only contribute to ensuring great access to knowledge, but to actively represent an investment in the futures of Batswana through education.

“BIHL trust has been a loyal advocate of the Adopt-A-School programme for a long time now. As the Sports and Social Club, we are more than eager to contribute in a meaningful way,” says Mr. Johannes Ralegoreng of the BIHL Sports and Social Club. “We are proud of everyone from the Club and indeed the BIHL family who has participated in the sponsored walk. This has been and shall continue to be a long and dedicated effort with the programme. We sincerely hope our efforts can help improve the knowledge seeking and education of our local youth.”


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