Wednesday, June 29, 2022

BIZKID take motivational talk to Francistown

Francistown residents were last week treated to a memorable session of motivational talk by a Gaborone based motivational speaker, Moshe Seloko of BIZKID, a business coaching organization.

Addressing the participants during the session at the Francistown Civic Centre, Seloko started by telling the participants how much they should value themselves as long as they are alive on earth.

“Do you really know that you are all special and do you ever really appreciate yourselves and recognize how much power you have to make your life a success,” he asked.

The motivational speaker said that most of the time people do not take full control of their lives. He went on to add that people depend much on luck rather than paving their paths to success. He also said that there is a direct link between what someone does and what someone thinks.

“For you to shape your future, you need to take control of the reins of your life, who you spend much of your time with and how they think,” he said.

Seloko also emphasized much on entrepreneurship saying that it is high time that Batswana venture into entrepreneurship, take control of their finances and have financial security in their lives.
He said that nowadays everything is money and it is high time that people take responsibility of their own lives and utilize existing opportunities. He further told the audience that it is not everyone who is born in a rich or wealthy family, and it does not mean that if you are born without a silver spoon in your mouth you cannot take yourself to success.

“If you are born in a poor family, there is only one person who can change that, it is yourself,” he said.

Seloko said that it is sad to note that a lot of Batswana who are employed and earning salaries, are always going through financial tribulations, adding that they can change that if they can believe in themselves and venture into entrepreneurship.

He said that if they can only believe in themselves, develop their confidence, take risks and utilize existing opportunities they can prosper.

“Botswana is a country that has vast opportunities, we have finance institutions in the country such as Young Farmers CEDA, Botswana Development Corporations (BDC)┬á and the youth grants of which Batswana, especially the youth, can take advantage of and prosper,” Seloko said.


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