Saturday, May 28, 2022

BMD, BDP who stole whose idea?

The unhappy relationship between Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and the breakaway Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) this week branched off into an intellectual property row.

The BMD is accusing the ruling party of stealing their idea of encouraging members to dress in party colours on Fridays.

The BDP last week announced that the party central committee has resolved that party members should dress in red, black and white colours on the last weekend of every month. In a statement to the media, BDP Executive Secretary, Dr Comma Serema, said the party has also resolved that the last weekend of every month be “BDP weekend.” Serema says the idea was hatched at a party retreat a few weeks ago.

The BMD, on the other hand, claims the populist plank was burgled from recommendations from a BMD workshop held in Palapye two weeks ago. Item eight on the “summary of recommendations from BMD workshop”, a copy of which has been made available to Sunday Standard reads: “every Friday declared Orange Day whereby all party members must wear orange attire to increase visibility and attract more members to the ranks of the movement.”

The idea was communicated to BMD members via SMS messages. BMD deputy chairperson, Botsalo Ntuane, says it is not a coincidence that the BDP issued a press statement on the red Friday only a few days after the BMD came up with the idea of an orange Friday and communicated to members through SMS messages.


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