Sunday, August 7, 2022

BMD launches Sebele ward candidate

The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) together with its Umbrella partners, the BNF and the BPP, launched their candidate, Bob Moses, for the Sebele Ward by-election on Sunday.

Speaking at the launch, BMD’s Secretary General, Winter Mmolotsi, advised Sebele Ward residents to ignore the BCP and BDP candidates and vote for Moses as this would help get the ball rolling for the 2014 general elections when they hope to unseat the ruling BDP.

He lambasted BDP’s “well educated, capable and hardworking” MPs for just standing by and being denied promotion to cabinet posts “while President Khama continued to favour his cronies”. He also accused Khama of favouring his brother, Tshekedi Khama, and positioning him for the presidency.

“How can we be ruled by Tshekedi?” he asked rhetorically to the amusement of the masses that graced the launch. He said the Ministry of Tourism is underperforming because “it is run by people whose only goal is to protect their business interests at the expense of Batswana”. Mmolotsi also went on to attack the Office of President, which he accused of taking Batswana for granted by trying to force a three percent wage increase on the workers.

The BMD’s Chairman, Nehemiah Modubule, implored the Sebele residents to choose the Umbrella over BCP. He said he was baffled by the BCP for celebrating Odirile Motlhale’s resignation from the BMD and questioning its credibility, saying they should know better because they have also been in the same situation before.

Prior to introducing the Umbrella candidate, the Botswana National Front President, Duma Boko, cast aspersions on the “BDP’s poverty eradication programmes”, saying they encourage poverty.┬á He accused President Khama of repeatedly shunning international meetings for Heads of State, like the UN General Assembly, and sending ministers to do his job.

When handing over to Bob Moses, Boko described him as a responsible leader who will represent the people’s interests.

For his part, Moses described the ward as a large area, which includes Block 8, Block 10, Sebele and Gaborone North. He said some of the challenges they are facing include water shortage, bad roads, criminal activities and poor accommodation for Sebele residents and promised to ensure all these are a thing of the past should he be given  the responsibility.

In his closing remarks BMD President, Gomolemo Motswaledi, advised members not to be discouraged by resignations of top officials and reminded them that the “movement” is not about certain individuals but rather about the ordinary members whose common goal is to┬á unseat the BDP.

Motswaledi implored the residents, “especially BCP and BDP members”, to set affiliation aside and vote Moses “because he is the right man for the job”.


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