Sunday, March 26, 2023

BMD youth lambast Economic Stimulus Package

Some Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) youth who converged in Maun for a political rally over the weekend say they feel it is too early for President Ian Khama to have considered sourcing billions of Pula from foreign reserves for use in the much anticipated Economic Stimulus Package. 

They described the development as a complete waste of time because they suspect it is a deliberate arrangement by Khama meant to benefit just a few people, mostly from the ruling party.

“We see this as a sick joke by Khama. And as the youth and leaders of tommorrow, we need to open eyes even wider because it is us who will be at the receiving end and consequently suffer when the money is already gone,” said Kabo Sekwai who is an additional member to the BMD youth league.

“We are not going to be able to reverse the money as it would have been distributed amongst Khama, his allies, their families and friends. So the time is now for us to take action. He is doing all this because he knows the BDP will be no more, come 2019.”  

Sekwai further expressed worry about the mounting neglect of impoverished people and those living with disabilities by the current government. His sentiments were echoed by BMDYL National Organising Secretary Karabo Gomotsegang who said the BDP has proven to be incompetent as its loss of direction is now in the open. He said they are still awaiting a response to a proposal which they recently made to parliament to the effect that foreign reserves should remain untouched or at least not now as they foresee bad days in years to come. He was of the view that because the BDP has failed under the Khama administration, people should start thinking objectively ahead of the 2019 general elections and vote a capable leadership which they can only find in the UDC.

Also attending the rally was the BMDYL Secretary General Tolerance Itumeleng who urged the youth to start campaigns for the next general election. He noted that the youth should take advantage of the fact that the BDP is led by shallow minded people, adding that the time has now come for all of them to change their way of thinking and in the process help free Batswana of the hardships they continuously endure under the BDP leadership, which has also immensely contributed to a fall of the quality of life of Batswana as a nation.

 The day ended with donations of food hampers worth P2000 to two less privileged families, amongst them five school going children who are registered under the Social and Community Development. Itumeleng said at the handing over that they decided to carry out activities that are geared at increasing the visibility of their party as well as to make a difference in the lives and welfare of people who cannot do a thing for themselves, considering their limitations.


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