Friday, May 24, 2024

BNF parliamentarians deny intention to cross the floor

The Botswana National Front Kgalagadi South Member of Parliament, John Toto, has rubbished reports that he and his colleague, Kgalagadi North Member of Parliament, Phillip Khwae, are leaving BNF for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

Toto denied this whilst addressing a political rally at Gaborone Bus Rank on Wednesday.

Toto said that he found it very wrong that those who made the allegations did not even have the courtesy to approach them with the allegations before they rushed to print the false stories.

”I think they should have approached us with the allegations before printing it but they did not and chose to write the falsehoods,” he said.

The MP further told the fairly attended rally that he has no intention of leaving the BNF because he was satisfied that it was a party with good credentials when it comes to fighting for the rights of Batswana whom the ruling party had impoverished whilst the country is rich in natural resources. Toto said the BDP lacks quality leadership and that this has resulted in Batswana going hungry and thirsty as the government is failing to provide them with necessities such as water.

He also described as an empty wish that will not be attained promises by the government that it will eradicate hunger, saying that, to eradicate hunger, one needs abundant water, which is currently not available in most parts of the country.

BNF Vice President and Member of Parliament for Kgatleng East, Isaac Mabiletsa, also reiterated that it was false that the two Members of Parliament were leaving the BNF.

Mabiletsa said Khwae, who was not at the rally because of other commitments in Parliament, had personally assured him that the reports in the newspapers about him crossing the floor to BDP were false just as Toto had told the rally.

He said the falsehoods about the MPs preparing to leave and join the BDP are being spread by those who are eager to see the BNF disintegrating, something he vowed will never happen as the BNF under the leadership of its president Duma Boko is very united and growing by leaps as shown by the number of new members they continue to welcome into the party around the country.


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