Monday, July 15, 2024

BNYC introduces new initiative for youths

The latest project to emerge from various bids to empower Batswana youth is a scheme from the Botswana National Youth Council called the Youth Employment Project (YEP).

The BYNC enlists its newcomer initiative under its Youth Employment & Economic Advise Scheme.

The project, which is expected to excel after addressing areas where most youth programs have failed, is said to be fully supported by the Youth Development Network (YDN), a reputable South African-based Non-governmental Organization.

YDN is a national network of six youth development organizations operating in southern Africa.

It is said to be established as a way of exploring paths of increasing the impact of youth development programmes, sharing information and best practices amongst the member organizations.
It also secures resources to support youth development programmes and advocating for the interests of young people.

YDN is the backbone of organizations such as Junior Achievement South-Africa (JAS), Joint enrichment Project (JEP), Resource Action Group (RAG), amongst others.

The network aims to empower the youth in member countries within the Southern African Development Committee (SADC).
Botswana had just joined the network last year, and had attended the conference that was held in South Africa where a number of resolutions towards youth development were drawn.
The BNYC plans to reveal some of these resolutions to the youth starting next week Tuesday.

In Neo Morobe’s words, the YDN is currently very much involved in the newly established project. At the moment, the network is supporting them with bright ideas for the way forward while they are trying to find their ground.

Morobe is the Resource Mobilization Officer (RMO) of the BNYC.

“The arrangement is that, for now, they support us in terms of formulating ideas, when later on we have enough material knowledge to come up with a project, they have vouched to sponsor our efforts financially,” said Morobe.

Morobe revealed that a meeting for stakeholders will be held Monday next week to inform them of the resolutions that were drawn from the conference.

Stakeholders involved in youth development initiatives include all the local youth departments in different ministries, all the United Nations (UN) bodies, SADC, as well as BOCCIM.
Following that, a consultative meeting is to be held with interested youths the next day at the Gaborone Hotel.

“We feel quite strongly about this project because although the government has been trying hard to improve issues of youth unemployment, we feel that as a country we are still lagging behind in other areas concerning the youth, that is mainly why we are also big on partnerships with other countries,” said Morobe.


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