Wednesday, August 17, 2022

BOCCIM, gov’t jointly host 12th Business Conference

BOCCIM, in collaboration with the Government of Botswana, is hosting the 12th National Business Conference (NBC) from 14th ÔÇô 17th October 2012, at the Adonsonia Hotel in Francistown, Botswana.

The multi-dimensional conference happens every two years and is a highly respected and appreciated forum for private public dialogue. This year, the conference is expected to attract 400 participants from public, private and civil society sectors.

President Ian Khama will officially open the conference and the former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor, will be the keynote speaker.

The theme for the conference is “Interrogating Implementation: Why is it a challenge?” Botswana’s protracted implementation is considered to be a major impediment in the development of our economy.
Numerous countries have benchmarked off Botswana’s astounding, well renowned and respected policies. However, one area that is still of concern is Botswana’s ability to expedite implementation.

Possible reasons vary from not having efficient evaluation methods in place, limited resources, bureaucracy and lack of ownership of policies from key relevant and priority stakeholders, to a multitude of possible factors. The issue needs to be dissected, and feasible resolutions brought forth.

The 12th National Business Conference (NBC) is that exact forum for this dialogue; it has in the past resulted in reforming policies and provided strategic direction for the benefit of our developing economy.

A number of resolutions derived from the NBC have elevated the economy and have had a significant impact on its progression. One significant accomplishment that took place in April 2012, as a result of the NBC in 2010, was the implementation of a point based system which was one of the resolutions to revise the immigration system to facilitate a business friendly, transparent and objective criterion for work permits.

A suggestive direction was geared towards a point based system to ensure efficient, time bound procedures and decisions. The biennial conference is an anticipated conference for visionaries, business leaders and prominent, influential public figures. It brings together innovative minds, ingenuity and focus.

The highlight of the conference will be the presence of Kufour. He will share useful experiences and challenges that he faced in pursuit of Ghana’s socio?economic transformation. Kufour’s administration’s sound policies and dedication to their implementation brought development to Ghana making it one of the most developed and competitive countries in Africa.

Reputable presenters and speakers will also make presentations around the theme which seeks to look in depth into the challenges that are faced by the country in the implementation of various policies set up to grow the economy. Not only is the NBC a discussion platform, it also creates an opportunity for the business community to gain insight into the future developments, network and contribute to the economic development.


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