Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BOCCIM introduces E-Card technology to market Botswana abroad

In an effort to create opportunities and expose Botswana and the private sector overseas, the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), in collaboration with Giga Tech Botswana, launched an E-Card technology initiative in Francistown last week.

Briefing the participants at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of Giga tech Botswana, Gadzikanani Makopola, pointed out that the initiative is aimed at giving the local companies and the country the competitive edge it requires to appeal to the countries overseas, which will also help lure in investment and help boost the economy of Botswana at large through the use of information technology.

“I started the E-Card concept last year as an initiative to make it easier for the business sector in Botswana to expose themselves to the world markets and help them network with other business people across the world,” said Makopola.

He maintained that Gigatech, as a member of BOCCIM, had to present its idea to the BOCCIM management in order to add the programme as part of the products that are offered to the BOCCIM members and non members who may be interested.

Makopola also mentioned that E-Card is a compact disc which contains the profile of a company, mission statement, company objectives, products and services, audio and visual graphics which illustrate what the organization or company entails all stored in a disc. He also added that if this technological approach is adopted, implemented and distributed through the rightful distribution channels, it will give its bearer a competitive edge over rivals, better clientele opportunity and a chance in attracting both national and international investors.

“BOCCIM will present this E-card to embassies representing their countries in Botswana, and also to Botswana embassies representing Botswana in foreign countries,” Makopola said.

He went on to establish that it means that engaging in this project will possibly see the future of companies holding strong ties with international hands, bringing in possibility of expansion and corporate growth or maturity.

Makopola also stated that Small, medium and corporate enterprises will gain recognition alike due to the fact that investors vary. He elaborated that that there are small or medium enterprises with big ideas but no expansion resources, like finance and developing international ties which will be then boosted by this technological concept.

“There are those investors who seek to invest in large corporations that already have a high turnover, and this technology can present such an opportunity to network with different investors across the world,” he said.

He also highlighted that E-Card will also be available in trade fairs such as the BOCCIM trade fairs and other international trade fairs.

Makopola went on to state that technology is now the major driving force behind businesses globally and E-Card can be a major breakthrough for investors to reach their maximum goals because it provides a greater interactive platform. He explained that E-Card does no need any internet connection as it can be inserted into a computer and then the user can browse through different organizations accessing data that has already been put into the compact disk.

Makopola also said that the advantage of the E-Card as compared to the internet websites being the competitors loads a huge amount of information and further added that there are some businessmen who do not have internet in their offices and they can use it to access information they require.
“The price of registering the company into E-Card could range from P5000 to P10 000 looking at the expenses of coming up with the product, but Giga-tech decided to give consumers a good price of P2 5 000 to P 5000 varying on the programmes that the consumer wants entailed in the disc,” Makopola mentioned.

However, the BOCCIM Regional Manageress, Elieen Van der est, also added that BOCCIM has well established relationships with different organizations in different countries internationally and this will serve as a platform to mobilize the idea.

In a separate interview with The Sunday Standard, Makopola indicated that although the idea of E-card is the first of its kind in the country, he is very optimistic the idea will work and will take business in the country to a higher level.
“The whole concept of this idea is to sell Botswana and the private sector to the whole world out there,” he pointed out.

Giga-tech is a company that deals with different Information Technological solutions with its base in Francistown, Gaborone and Johannesburg.


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