Saturday, December 3, 2022

BOCCIM tells visiting US business delegation of ‘paradigm shift’

Shifting the paradigm of how Botswana does business is essential, says Komissa Burzlaff, the Botswana Confederation of Commerce and Manpower (BOCCIM) head of public affairs marking and communications.

This paradigm shift also helps BOCCIM to strategically align its own objectives, Burzlaff told an American business delegation last week.

The US delegation came for a conference aimed at enabling opportunities for partnerships, investments, joint ventures, networking and establishing contacts between members of BOCCIM and American businesses.

Burzlaff stated the importance of the private sector to meet and exchange innovative ideas, prospective business leads and potential partnerships. She said BOCCIM members have shown interest for expansion and have the potential to reach out globally.

“Seeing the economic empowerment and impact such a visit brings to the country only encourages us to strengthen our advocacy role and to continue to take the lead in private public dialogue,” said Burzlaff.

She said the traded policies, bilateral agreements and economic partnership emerged through their advocacy capacity as BOCCIM make the challenges worthwhile.

Botswana, she said, is a country striving to lead investor’s attraction within the region and across Africa. She added that Botswana has a stable economy, a sound democratic government, low corruption compared to most African countries, and a low tax region.

“Both public and private sector are devising policies and strategies to ensure that the quality of life becomes an enticing incentive to invest in Botswana,” said Burzlaff.

The US head of delegation, Robert Shumake, expressed willingness to engage and benchmark with the Botswana business community. He stated that the delegation is keen to establish strong links with BOCCIM, adding that a strong leadership with a clear vision was required. Shumake said the private sector and government should partner for meaningful engagement and for jobs creation.

“The private sector should not rely on government for assistance since Botswana has a good and conducive environment,” he said. According Shumake, their mission is to expand and deliver their services in Africa to ensure economic growth.

“The future looks bright in the economy of Botswana. We are eager to engage your business to make difference in Botswana,” he said.


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