Sunday, May 26, 2024

BOCFA donates to AAP Home Based Care and Family Life Programme

Christmas came early for over 1000 children from Old Naledi when the Botswana-China Friendship Association (BOCFA) and Mileage Company on Thursday donated food worth about P28, 000 to them.

The donation was presented to AAP Home Based Care and Family Life Programme by BOCFA’s Executive President, Mr. Miles Nan, at the AAP Headquarters in Broadhurst.

APP Home Based Care and Family Life founder member, Pastor Oupa Rampa, received the donation on behalf of the children, who are either less privileged, orphans or are affected by the HIV/AIDS.
Pastor Rampa roundly saluted the donation, saying the donors will be rewarded by God for sharing the little they have with less privileged children. He said AAP Home Based Care and Family Life Programme takes care of children drawn from five settlements, including Old Naledi in Gaborone and remote places like Mmanoko, Sikwane, Mmantshwabisi and Serinane.
He urged other stakeholders in society to emulate BOCFA and Mileage Air.

He also highlighted some of the challenges facing AAP Home Based Care and Family Life Programme, observing that it was established to compliment Government strides to address societal challenges such as improving the plight of the disadvantaged community.

The donation was witnessed by Naledi ward Councillor, Mrs Mary Ramhago and Marang Ward Council Mr. Chanungwa Mphusu, among others.

Ramhago praised BOCFA and Mileage Air for donating. She acknowledged that APP Home Based Care and Family Life were doing a commendable assignment of raising children through the Word of God.

Mphusu, on the other hand, said that there are few people who could raise to the challenge of uplifting the welfare of the less privileged. He urged Botswana- China Friendship Association (BOCFA) and Mileage to continue helping the needy members of society.

He said that the generous work of donating to the needy will go a long way because one of the recipients could be the future President of Botswana.

He thanked the Church for accommodating the interest of the children and availing platform for the presentation of the donation.

Nan, who is also Managing Director of Mileage (Pty) Ltd, said that the donation may be not enough but it is a heartfelt gesture from BOCFA, aimed at ensuring that the children have an interesting Christmas holiday like any other children.

BOCFA has pledged to further double its efforts in giving donations to the people of Botswana in future as well as complimenting the Government of Botswana in the effort to improve the welfare of all Batswana in line with Vision 2016 aspirations.

He explained that BOCFA made a similar donation to children in Maun and also pledged to continue with the good work of supporting society.

BOCFA has been helpful to Batswana for a long time and the gesture continues to be testimony of the efforts of the community in the country in as far as improving the welfare of society was concerned. Mileage (Pty) Ltd, a local mechanical contracting company, has been engaged in social responsibility work in Botswana for many years.

The children entertained the invited guests with song and dance and appreciated the donation.


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