Saturday, May 28, 2022

BOCODOL director honoured by C/wealth

The Executive Director for Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) Dr Daniel Tau has been honoured Honorary Fellow of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) at the recent 7th Pan Commonwealth forum recently in Abuja Nigeria.

In an interview, Dr Tau said that his Honorary Fellow of Commonwealth recognises him for outstanding contributions to distance education in areas including leadership, public works, and international presence and mentorship.

He pointed out that the Honorary Fellow of COL is mostly in recognition of his pioneering work in development of Open Distance Learning (ODL) in Botswana through his visionary leadership of BODOCOL as well as the continued contribution to ODL across the Commonwealth.

“In the next 10-15years ODL will emerge big as the main driving force in the education system locally because of the demand for education in Botswana. ODL is a cost effective method of learning and a lot of people have been showing interest in distance learning,” said Tau.

He is of the view that the achievement is not for him as an individual but rather for the institution BOCODOL and for the country.
He pointed out that previously he has contributed at the Commonwealth level by setting up an ODL in Sierra Leone, Mozambique, helped also in both Malawi and Zambia.

“This is a sign that in Botswana there are people who can compete and meet Commonwealth standards locally. This should also ring bells to other people who have the potential,” he said.┬á┬á

Dr Tau has spoken about BOCODOL contributing by making education available to everybody around the country adding that they have brought it accessible to the door steps of learners. He also said BOCODOL is now a modern intermediary in the learning system by meeting the students from time to time by interacting during learning. 

“Quality assurance assistance is another area in which we assist as an institution of learning as well as capacity building,” Said Dr Tau.

Last year again, Dr Tau was awarded the African Education Leadership Award which was conferred by World CSR day for his distinguished service to the development of Botswana among the Commonwealth countries.

“Through the students learning at this centre, we hope to populate Botswana with people with a rich understanding of how technology and teaching can be reconciled in a cost-effective manner to facilitate skill’s acquisition,” he stated


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