Wednesday, August 10, 2022

BODANSA executive set for introspective retreat in Phikwe

The Botswana Dance Sport Association (BODANSA) executive will descend on Selibi Phikwe this coming Friday for an introspective retreat and to meet its affiliates in the region.
With the association looking to resuscitate its fledgling fortunes, the two day retreat is expected to give zest to BODANSA’s revival plans.

Speaking in an interview, the association’s Vice President Technical, Abednico Tshambane, said the retreat will give the BODANSA executive a chance to assess what the association has achieved or failed to achieve this year.

“We have been trying to rebuild our committee structures and the retreat will help us assess how far we have gone to this end. It will also help us assess whether they (the structures) are fulfilling their mandate,” Tshambane said.

He added that, as such, they expect each and every committee within their structures to present their challenges and issues before the executive for debate so as to make proper assessments of the task ahead.

Another issue, which is expected to be rigorously looked into at the retreat, will be the issue of grassroots development.

“Most of our development is done at schools, more especially the junior and senior secondary schools. However, since the teachers/employer impasse, our development has taken a hard hit as teachers no longer train the kids,” Tshambane said in an interview. “We have community clubs but that’s not enough as they do not have the capacity to develop kids as schools can,” Tshambane added.

With the school clubs not as active as before, he says this has also reflected in competitions where numbers of participants have dwindled. He says while in the past they had registered 150 couples or more in competitions, this year they had less than 100 participants in their past competition.

He further added that, as such, the executive committee is in talks with countries like Australia and Germany to help them in their development plans.

On other related issues, Tshambane says they expect to meet with their affiliates in Phikwe to introduce them to the executive committee. He says since the restructuring of the executive, most of the affiliates have not met the new members and the visit to Phikwe will give them a chance to meet. To ensure that the Phikwe affiliates get to benefit from the executive’s retreat in the area, Tshambane says they will also take along some of the newly trained coaches to help train dancers in the area.

While in Phikwe, the BODANSA executive is also expected to meet with the mayor of Phikwe as well as the Selibi Phikwe Economic Diversification Unit (SPEDU) on Friday to assess areas where they can help each other or even work together to achieve their respective mandates.

The retreat will start on Saturday and ends on Sunday.


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