Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Bodyguards for Kokorwe? Oh please…

Just recently I saw a High Court Judge taking a walk in the evening along one of the streets in Gaborone. As Judge of the highest Court in the land, this man deals with hard-core criminals on a daily basis. He sends them to prison and even condemns some of them to death. The nature of his job makes him an enemy to criminals. He deals with people who have no regard for human life. He deals with people who would be happy to see him dead. His life is in danger because he cannot even recognize some of the people he has sent to prison in the past and could still be holding grudges against him. Despite all the danger he faces from his ‘customers’, this Judge was walking alone without any security protection. The State does not provide round-the-clock security for judicial officers. Even when they are on duty, Judges only enjoy the protection of a single unarmed police officer. I often see most of them walking or driving alone outside working hours. While it is not right to have people such as Judges move around without protection, they seem to be okay with the arrangement. Or it could be they have just given up on ever getting protection from government. It therefore came as a shock to learn Speaker of the National Assembly, Gladys Kokorwe has been assigned half a dozen of armed bodyguards to follow her around. The explanation for this absurdity is that Kokorwe’s life is perceived to be in danger. I could be laughing but I’m rather annoyed by this delusion of grandeur. Kokorwe’s life in danger? Danger from who? And for what? Apparently our not so intelligent Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) have come up with a security threat assessment which placed the speaker of the national assembly at par with President Khama when it comes to security protection. We are told that Kokorwe’s heavy security was put together behind closed doors and was kept a secret even from the Parliamentary Committee of Rights, Interests and Privileges which is responsible for the conditions of service of members of parliament and speaker of the national assembly.  While I’m inclined to say Kokorwe has an exaggerated sense of worth about herself, one cannot fully absolve her from her hallucinations. Kokorwe is scared of her own shadow. Kokorwe knows too well she is messing up in parliament. She is aware of her unfair treatment of opposition members and as such, she thinks they might harbour intentions to hurt her, for her hurtful treatment towards them. Kokorwe and her deputy have made it a habit to always tilt the scales towards the ruling party MP’s much to the frustration of the opposition members. For someone who always ill-treats opposition members, it is understandable as to why Kokorwe would think they view her as an enemy.  It is such a shame to see Kokorwe and her deputy working hard to reverse all the gains towards the independence of parliament that were made by her predecessor Margaret Nasha. Mma Nasha worked so hard to make parliament independent from the Executive and we all know that is why she became enemy of the executive. How sad that she has been replaced by a weak Kokorwe who takes all orders from the office of the president even on minor parliamentary issues. Ke gore I ask myself, who would want to hurt Kokorwe when they never wanted to hurt Nasha? What message is Kokorwe and her handlers trying to convey to us? Is this their way of nodding in agreement to our assertion that Kokorwe is a bad leader for our parliament? I mean why else would Kokorwe feel her life is in danger if at all she is convinced she is doing things accordingly? High Court Judges manage to walk freely without bodyguards because their conscience is clear. They know they are doing things the right way and they expect people not to harbour any ill-motives towards them. Their lives are in danger but they are able to forget about it because their conscience is clear. Jaanong Kokorwe hela Kokorwe who luckily deals with rationale people at parliament thinks someone could be out there to kill her. Her paranoia is obese.  Our parliament has become a joke, all thanks to Kokorwe. Instead of advocating for parliamentary sessions to be aired on national television, Kokorwe is busy accepting offers to be surrounded by armed security agents. And I have realised how African leaders in general think they can just trample on people with the knowledge they will surround themselves with armed forces. I don’t know who told them these armed officers condone their nonsense. I don’t know why they never learnt from Kabila who peed on his people and surrounded himself with armed bodyguards. Kabila was killed by the same people he had hoped they will protect him from his angry nation. My point is, leaders must do right and they will be assured of peace. Leaders must not persecute their people hoping security agents will always be on their side.

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