Thursday, January 21, 2021

Boipelo on Top

A recent conversation on-air between award winning Boipelo and a co-worker had them talking about their own personal use or lack of use of condoms.

That same week, the topic on her weekly column, “The Sixth Sense”, was “We love it e le Tona” (we love it big) – referring to the size of men’s bellies, of course.

But that is just Boipelo Seleke – she’s outgoing and not afraid to say what is on her mind. She has no problem teasing your mind into thinking about those taboo topics people don’t quite openly admit to even thinking. She is bold, outrageous and impulsive- when abbreviated as B.O.I, it also happens to be the name of her new midday show on Yarona FM: A name which is a true description of herself and how people in the public portray her. As someone who has so much to say, which people are obviously interested in- Sunday Standard saw it best to introduce this woman to you in her own words.

Sunday Standard: How old are you?
Boipelo: I’m 25 years young!
How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Well, I’ve been a performing poet since 2002 and a radio presenter since January 2004.
How did you decide to venture into the entertainment industry?

I was bored in one of my lectures at UB- a Friday in 2003 am paging through a newspaper; I spotted a Yarona FM ad looking for fresh and new DJ’s. I had always loved the live factor and how it leaves so much to the imagination. I believed I had something to say and add to general society- I wanted to shift mindsets; I wanted the young and old together. I was a loud mouth and had the ‘thing’; I was the one- I still am!

Upon being given the platform to present live on air, how was your first show and the jitters?
My first official show was a co-host with Sbizo on 7th February 2004. It was called B.L.O.W (Black Loud & Outrageously Wicked), it was exactly as the whole name says. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be, but the jitters were definitely there!
What kind of presenter would you describe yourself as?

I am real and honest to myself all the time. I speak my mind and facts. Why candycoat things? In this day and age, it’s not right. I’m bold, outrageous, extraordinary and I live on impulse.

You recently got promoted from a weekend show to a weekday show. How do you feel about this?
It was a long time coming. I came in at just the right time. I was getting a little stale on Breakthru (weekend show). Weekday means new listeners, new mindsets, new pressing topics. Anything new and fresh is great. Change is the only constant thing in life. The rest is poetic history.

Do you feel any pressure to do well in this slot considering your predecessor was there for so long and made a name for herself there?

Tumie is great and has owned the slot. I do not feel the pressure in relation to her because we are totally different persons. I think you’ll agree that I’m less reserved. I do not want to fill her shoes. The pressure is from myself, the listener and my superiors.

Is the name of your new show (Bold Outrageous Impulsive-B.O.I) a description of what kind of person you are?

Oh, yes, yes, yes! I’m constantly growing and evolving. I’m at a point where I believe it is time I took ownership of my talent, future and present and live on the pulse. I’m loving life now more than ever.

In recent months, you have had your name in tabloid news in association with certain people as your love interests.

The bulk of my life is for the public. I put myself there and I appreciate that the same public has the right to prod into my life. However, I’m fiercely private while I do not blow a vein when something pops up in the tabloids. It would be nice if it were only related to my profession which is the public aspect of my life.

What inspires you?
You are renowned for your work as a poet. When was your interest in poetry sparked?
I realized I could write through school comprehensions. I opted for courses that required engaging the mind unconventionally and then getting it down on paper. As I got introduced to literature I fell in love with poetry.

You have a column in Echo newspaper which is very sexually charged. What’s up with that?
I love sex, you love sex (I hope you love sex) we exist because of sex. Why not celebrate it, it is a part of our daily lives; if you are not having sex, you are definitely thinking about it!
Our society has very conservative views concerning sex-at least any dialogue on sex-how do you feel about that?

I don’t think we are conservative per se, I believe that society just did not have a platform, an awesome medium to express their views. That’s what I’m here for- get it out of you. You know you want to talk about it anyway!
What else are you involved in aside from Yarona FM and writing?

I have four companies in various industries: entertainment & arts, mining & retail, design & manufacturing and management. I’ll have work on television very soon-but I can’t mention much now.
You obviously have a lot on your plate. Do you have a role model- a person who you look to who keeps you and your goals centred?
Mommy! Thapelo Seleke.


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