Thursday, August 13, 2020

Boko and Khama should stop misleading the nation

By Cosmos Moenga

What Duma Boko and Ian Khama are doing is wrong.  Theologically speaking what they are doing is evil to say the least.  Boko and Khama are not ordinary citizens, they are leaders, whatever they say or do people listen.

Apart from the positions they hold in society, they have special skills which nobody can take from them.   Boko for example is a graduate from Harvard school of law LLM graduate.  On the other hand Khama is the king of Bamangwato people, a former head of the armed forces and Head of State.  They can call meetings anytime people will come.  When they speak people listen.  Setswana sare mafoko a kgosi a agelelwa mosako.

It is a tragedy that instead of these two leaders using their skills and privileges for the good cause, they use them to mislead and deceive the people.  Khama had been in power for years one might even say twenty years, including those years as vice president of Botswana.  He has been the King of Bangwato for forty years since 1979 when he was crowded king Of Bangwato.  The question is what has he done for his people (Bangwato and Batswana in general)? Completely zero! Instead of empowering his own subjects he had made them poor! He has claimed even small things like boreholes which his father left to some poor Bangwato to water their cattle. 

If Khama was a visionary leader, given his connection world wide Bangwato could have been more advanced economically, than any other tribe in this country.  Bangwato and Batswana have been empowering Khama economically and politically for the past forty years.  When he stepped down as president, Khama was given more presents than the two former presidents combined.

The man had been milking this country in the name of democracy and patriotism.  The truth is that Batswana and Bangwato have given more to Khama than he deserved.  It is high time that Batswana and Bangwato wake up and stop being used by Khama for his selfish interests.  With money from his companies, money from his friends Bo Brigdet and other Khama could have by now done something big for Bangwato  e.g. University or museum.

Khama only remembers Bangwato when he wants to use them as stepping stones.  The sooner Bangwato and Batswana in general wake up to this reality that Khama is using them the better.  The man has perfected using people to the finest art.   It is this art of using people that backfired when he planned to use Mokgweetsi Masisi.

When he appointed Masisi to be his Vice President, he did so not he loved Masisi nor did appointed Masisi because he believed that Masisi will be the best leader, but for the simple reason that he believed Masisi will be best person to use.  Little did he know that Setswana sare motho ga a itsewe ese naga.  Now that some BDP leaders and elders have realised that how cruel Khama is in using people and have dumped him, he is turning to UDC.

It is only those who are hungry for powerwho believe that Khama can assist them to defeat Masisi for nothing.  Khama is using UDC for the following: first to topple Masisi – pure revenge.  Second to bring his friends back in the tourism and mining industry and last but not least to avoid possible prosecution and imprisonment for the wrong things he has done while in office.   When Khama says he is fighting for democracy he is economic with the truth.  Khama is misleading the nation.  And he must be stopped, the sooner the better.  The BDP elders, borre Balopi, rre Mogae, Mme Chiepe are all over the country against what Khama is doing.  He is dividing the country on tribal lines.  He is playing the victim and tribal and regional cards.

Diphaphatha, dikobo and all those perishable gifts Khama is fond of giving to the needy are signs of Master/slave relation.  The master gives you perishable goods so that you come and beg again the following day. In short Khama can add no value to our struggle against neo-colonialism.  Looking at Khama’s international friends, one cannot fail to see that he is on the side of the right wing neo-colonialists.

To bring Khama to UDC surely shall alienate the trade unions especially BOFEPUSO.  If Khama goes to UDC and BOFEPUSO goes to Masisi, BDP surely will win.  BOFEPUSO and Khama are like oil and water, you can’t mix them.  And Khama knows this better than anybody. So Khama should stop misleading the nation that he wants to assist UDC to fight Masisi  to protect and uphold democracy in our country.  If democracy is dead in Botswana it is Khama who killed it.  Masisi is either resurrecting it or burying it.  Let the people judge; not Khama.  Khama is the last person to speak about democracy and patriotism!   Is it democracy and patriotism to source funds from outside the country to finance or rather hire thugs to topple the same person he has appointed.  Khama deceived many people for many years. It is time to stop him.

Like Khama, Boko has misled people for many years.  Being a charismatic leader, Boko knows how to play with people’s emotions.  Our people have been longing for change for many years, due to their suffering.  Anybody who promises them change is their Messiah, especially if that person is the leader of Koma’s party (BNF).  To the majority of our people BNF will always remain BNF, Koma’s party, the party of the disinherited. However, Boko is the direct opposite. Dr Koma was anti-neo-colonialist, while Boko is neo-colonialist.  There is a saying that, if you want to know a person look at his friends or the people he is going out with.

The multi millionaires and billionaires that Boko is boasting that they gave him planes for the 2019 campaign are neo-colonialist agents.  Boko also misleads the people to believe that he played a central role in the formation and the success of UDC. There were many players of the former UDC OR THE 2014 UDC.  The current good relationship Boko is enjoying with Khama should be put into proper context.

It is the same Boko who used to praise Ndaba Gaolathe calling him Guru before dumped him.  It is the same Boko who used to call Dumelang Saleshando and BCP legapa and now he is his best friend.  It is the same Boko who said if people want to expel Pilane, he shall go with Pilane, it is the same Boko who expelled Pilane from UDC to Boko whoever promises him to go to State House, that person is the Messiah.

BNF was not formed to take somebody to State House or to parliament, or even to council chamber. BNF was formed to liberate Batswana from the neo-colonialism yoke, to prosperity through participatory democracy. And in all fairness, there is no way partnership with Khama can do that.  Partnership with Khama will be taking five steps backward. The last ten years were the darkest years in our political history.  Boko/ Khama relationship should never be allowed into UDC.  If Boko and Khama want political partnership, there are free to form their political party.  They should never be allowed to use BNF or UDC for their hidden agenda of selling this country to the highest buyer.

Boko and Khama should stop deceiving the nation that they are fighting for democracy and human rights while in reality they are fighting for power, our diamond and wild life resources.

Dr Cosmos K. Moenga is a BNF veteran


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