Thursday, June 13, 2024

Boko attacks  Michael Dingake

Botswana National Front leader, Duma Boko, has criticised BCP veteran and political analyst, Michael Dingake, for what he terms poor analysis on political matters concerning opposition parties.

He said that Dingake’s credentials are questionable and need to be set aside, adding that he still fails to understand how Dingake applies his mind when dealing with political issues in his analysis.

“I’m not being disrespectful or attacking him but advise him to be objective in his analysis,” Boko said.

Boko once accused UB academics of poorly analyzing issues within his party.┬á He said Botswana’s professors are failing the country and its people, despite the massive investment that has been pumped into their PhD’s by government. He went on to accuse Dingake of not being objective when analysing the political parties, saying Dingake is biased and misleads the public with regard to how people defect to other parties, more especially about Roy Sesana.

In an interview with The Sunday Standard, Dingake dismissed Boko’s remarks, saying he is not biased in his analysis of either the ruling party or opposition parties.

Dingake said that the latest type of defections was like defection from one fraternal opposition party to another fraternal party, where Roy Sesana was seen defecting from  BNF to BMD, a partner with the BNF and the BPP in the newly registered Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

“Here are political soul-mates, newly affiliated and naming their party as the people’s national project, who begin to poach from each other under dubious circumstances,” said Dingake. “It is not clear as no one had an answer as to why Roy Sesana was poached from the BNF. May be he didn’t have a party and might be lost to the rival opposition, the BCP. So I don’t understand why Boko is saying I’m biased in my analysis while there is evidence on the ground. I’m not biased, but I will let him talk like he always does.”

Boko also welcomed former BDP MP, Isaac Davids, to his party at a Press conference but denied any plans to declare Davids to stand for elections in Kgatleng West, saying that they want to retain Kgatleng West to BNF and that they are doing  everything possible to retain the seat.

Boko said they do not have any problem with some opposition parties recruiting from his party as they are on the same mission to topple the ruling BDP.

At the same time, he dismissed reports that they have lost some councillors in the Boteti Region and Maun West to the BDP.

Isaac Davids has also denied ever being a member of the Botswana Movement for Democracy. He said he moved from the BDP because he is against Ian Khama’s leadership style.

“I have worked with BDP for the past 15 years and I have archived a lot. I was an MP for Kgatleng West but since Khama became president we lost the constituency,” said Davis.

So at BNF I feeling back home because I have been a member of BNF before I joining BDP, said Davids.


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